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About us:

The Blog aims to bring people closer to the philosophical thought and geometric-mathematical technique of W.D.Gann, in order to manage our savings and successfully perform trading activities on international markets. To this end, analysis articles will be published, online courses or held at our office.

chi siamo Francesco Massetti
Francesco Massetti

Francesco Massetti



Financial Analyst– Trader Forex



1996 – 2000 Financial / commercial broker in Hong Kong

2002 – 2011 Financial Manager Private Estated Ltd. UK

2012 – 2014 CEO Private Estate Ltd. UK

2013-2014 Sole Director Invest Building srl.

2002 – 2016 Independent Trader Forex



Master Your Trainer Group:  Art of memory Psychology


Studies of Kabalah


2014  Creation of the Horus Foundation, observatory and place of learning


N.B. This blog aims to analyze financial and educational trends through the W.D.Gann technique. We organize Masters online or in-house. Subscriber users have a more detailed financial market analysis service.


Published articles should not be intended as a reminder to the public savings.