Books on online trading and Forex how to do trading using Gann’s technique


Books on online trading and Forex how to do trading using Gann’s technique

Books on online trading and Forex how to do trading as using Gann’s technique.

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The Mathematical Geometry Mechanism of financial markets

Presentation of the book ‘The Geometric Mathematical Mechanics of the financial markets’ by Francesco Massetti.

Extract from the book

The economist William Delbert Gann arouses admiration for his earnings during his life. His studies on time cycles and in particular on the “Master Time Factor” helped him make over $55,000,000 until the 50s.
Many newspapers of the time acclaimed him with the pseudonym of ‘prophet’, ‘seer’ for all his predictions that came true about the financial markets dynamics from stocks to commodities such as cereals or indexes like Dow Jones.
Over a period of 25 days, W.D.Gann was under observation by an economic newspaper of the time ‘The Ticker and Investment Digest’ that confirmed the accuracy of his operations: 286 trades of which 264 in profit and 22 in loss, with a profit of 1000% .
In this work his theory is explained, from philosophical foundations to scientific demonstration.
Gann’s technique is based above all on mathematical determination of time dimension of stock exchange movements that the American economist called ‘Time Factor’.
All future dynamics and fluctuations of stocks or commodities can be identified by means of a vector decomposition of Price-Time of the historical movements of financial markets. The time units, be they hours, days, weeks or months, can be compared to price units, so as to create a Square whose diagonal represents the main vector of growth or decrease of a good listed on the stock exchange.
To derive the exponential factor of the ascending vector, Gann related prices with the goniometric Circle, the Square and the Triangle.
For this reason the relations of Price-Time vectors are trigonometric. Their main result is called 1 for 1 or 1 X 1 (1 price unit on 1 time unit) and from this result further vector values ​​can be calculated later (1 X 2, 1 X 4 etc.).
Both from the intersection at certain points of time axis and from the intersection of particular vectors derived from the diagonals of the obtained Square and the Cartesian axes, important time cycles can be calculated from which new market movements will emerge.
Time factor is the most important dimension to study to understand when a market trend is starting or ending. Therefore it will not be important to enter the market on the maximum or minimum price, but at the right time.

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The Mathematical Geometry Mechanism of the financial markets

Books on online trading and Forex how to do trading

This work illustrates in a simple and understandable way how to calculate first the trigonometric vectors, which will indicate the progression of the title in Price-Time together with all possible supports and dynamic/static resistances that can be used and displayed practically through Top Trader© free software that is available only on this online site.

Subsequently the theme of time cycles determination will be addressed. In particular, Square of Maximum, Square of Minimum, Square of Range and Natural Squares.
These studies will show us where the Time Set Up are placed, that is where and when a new market cycle will born. In this regard many practical examples are described for markets index Ftse Mib Index, Dax Index, Gold, Euro/Dollar.
This work will also illustrate some personal research on the future financial cycles determination using additional trigonometric factors, such as the ‘temporal cosine’ and the ‘temporal secant’.
W.D.Gann’s studies and techniques are also compared with other theories, such as Elliot’s and H.M.Garley’s theories.
A very important section on ‘how to do trading’ is dedicated to the placement study after determined when to enter the market. It is therefore essential to apply the best strategy possible for that time signal, the Stop Loss placement and the related Risk Management.

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Books on online trading and Forex how to do trading using Gann’s technique

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