Euro Dollar exchange rate forecast and Forex signals for June 2022

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Euro Dollar exchange rate forecast technical analysis today

Euro Dollar exchange rate forecast in the short and long term through the cycles of the economist W.D. Gann.

Weekly technical Forex chart

eur usd forecast today
Euro Dollar weekly

Euro Dollar exchange rate forecast

From the first weeks of last December until the end of February 2022 the dynamics of the Euro Dollar was lateral, in which the static octaves visible in green and red in the photo reacted as static support or resistance.

The first two supports are placed at 1.1280; 1.1122, while the resistances are at 1.1494.

The temporal cycles that followed in the week of February 25, 2022 indicated the recovery of the negative trend that stopped in the week of March 11 on the next octave in the area of ​​1.0850.

In the latest reports we have underlighted that the Forex signals of the weeks of April 15-29 marked the continuation of the downward action with the bearish break of 1.08.

Indeed, the negative trend continued until the week of May 13, reaching a low of 1.0348.

The brief rebound of the past few weeks has brought prices back to static resistances in the 1.0790 area.

The weak Forex signal, Maximum Square, of the week of June 03 was denied to the downside last week of June 10, 2022.

The next weekly Set Up coincides with the week of next June 24th.

For now, the short term dynamics is still negative: first supports at 1.0450; 1.011.

Only the return above 1.0820 will re-establish the new positive lateral dynamics.

We can observe in the short video all the reversal points of the trend with the various resistances and dynamic supports.

Euro Dollar trend June 2022

Euro Dollar exchange rate forecast
Eur/usd monthly

From the monthly Set Up of June 2021, the Euro Dollar market has reversed the medium term trend in a downward direction and has remained so until today, with the negative swing chart for 12 months.

Since the bearish break of the 1X2 Zero angle which took place between August and September 2021, the European currency has continued gradually towards lower prices until it reaches the subsequent 1×2 Zero  angular supports, which are visible as ascending vectors of yellow color.

Whenever the Euro reached the price-time ratios of these vectors, the Euro reacted by trying to pull-back.

However, the various monthly Set Up, listed in previous articles, indicated the generation of further bearish competing forces generating the breaking of the angle:

the new fall in prices continued until prices reached the next Zero angle.

The next angular support is located in area 1.0370.

Although the support is robust, the trend will remain negative.

Only reaching 1.1110 will indicate that the down trend will be over.

Technical analysis second quarter 2022

Euro dollar forecast 2022
Eur/usd quarterly

The long term trend of the Euro Dollar is negative, further evidenced by the Minimum Square expired in the second quarter of this year.

The prices are close to important static and dynamic supports in the 1.0280 area.

Forex signals using Gann’s cycles

William Gann was one of the first economists to understand the importance of attributing an average value to Stock Market returns (Drift or 1X1 angle), to which associating the Variance Rate or drift ratios.

To achieve this goal he conceives a linear mathematical-geometric model that could correlate two of the three dimensions of the market, namely price and time.

Further his most important discovery was the identification of specific dynamic and natural temporal cycles within which the price-time crossings identified specific sections.

These sections named with the name of Set Up that determine the Forex signals indicate the trend of the stock or the quoted currency.

The Top Trader © Stock Exchange software was created to apply Gann’s theory to all Stock Exchange markets with ease and practicality.

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