Euro Dollar forecast analysis and trend on September 2022

Euro Dollar exchange rate forecast today price trend September 2022

Euro Dollar forecast September 2022

Euro Dollar forecast and analysis using the Forex cycles discovered by the American economist William Gann.

Weekly Euro Dollar Forex Chart

euro dollar exchange rate
euro dollar exchange rate

Euro Dollar forecast today

With the conclusion of the positive lateral phase of the period of January 2022, the Euro Dollar market, following the weekly Set Up of 25 February last, generated a strong corrective trend.

Although the downward force has been hindered several times by the dynamic and static supports described in the previous reports, the negative trend still persists today.

With the denial of the Set Up weekly on August 05, the European currency reached a low of 0.9862 in these first days of September, prices that it had not seen since November 2002.

The next expiring cycle and short-term Forex Signal will expire the week of September 16, 2022.

The return above 1.0120 will indicate a resumption of the positive laterality of the Eur/Usd price dynamics: first dynamic obstacles 1.0240 – 1.0290.

While the continuation below 0.9830 will signal the continuation of the short-term negativity: angular supports 0.9740; 0.9615.

Euro Dollar mid-term technical analysis

The medium-term corrective trend in the Euro Dollar market started with the expiry of the Maximum Square in June 2021.

In that period, the bearish break of 1.1950 signaled the end of the Up trend that was generated in the second half of 2020.

The decline of the Euro in the following months has never stopped and all the expired temporal cycles, indicated in the previous articles between 2021 and 2022, have gradually indicated the continuation of the medium-term negativity.

The single currency from 1.2149 in May 2021 reached its natural price/time (indicated by the descending red vector in the photo above 1×1 angle) last August at 0.9899.

The last expiring Set Up is for the month of September 2022.

The bullish break of 1.04 will interrupt the medium-term negative trend that has persisted for a year and a half: resistance at 1.0490; 1.08.

The negative infringement of 0.9830 will confirm the downward trend until the next monthly Set Up: supports at 0.9613.

Eur/Usd quarterly trend

The long-term dynamics of the Euro Dollar market, up to the end of last December seemed to describe a negative/positive laterality thanks to the angular supports that supported prices in the 1.11 area.

However, with the negative infringement of the minimum of the first quarter of 2020, the negative trend of the European currency has strengthened to the point of breaking down the low of the first quarter of 2017 at 1.03.

Prices currently have reached the 1×16 angular support at 0.9816. Next obstacles 0.9280.

Euro Dollar Forex Signals

William Delbert Gann was one of the first economists of the twentieth century to represent Stock Market prices through three dimensions, namely price, time and volume of trade.

In his era without current information technology, Gann focused mainly on the two dimensions of price and time, while the dimension of volumes considered it separately.

In fact, it is possible to see through his graphs on graph paper how he used a linear mathematical-geometric model from which it was possible to obtain the Drift and the Variance rate of the listed stock.

One of the major discoveries made by the economist is the Master Time Factor, that is, the Natural and Dynamic temporal cycles of financial markets.

By identifying sections within the temporal cycle, i.e. the Set Up, it is possible to identify when the stock will accelerate or reverse the trend.

The Top Trader Stock Exchange software has been designed to use the Gann technique in a simple way and effectively use the protection strategies with Call and Put Options.

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