Financial markets forecast Dow Jones technical analysis today july 20

dow jones forecast

Financial markets forecast Dow Jones Index technical analysis today

Financial markets forecast Dow Jones Index today are carried on by the time cycles of the American economist W.D. Gann.

Financial markets Dow Jones Index forecasts short term

Financial market forecast
Dow Jones weekly 05.11.20

In the first weeks of September 2019, the Dow Jones Index market has begun to accelerate the upwards phase that has started in the first days of 2019, until it definitively violated the area of ​​27,000 points in the first days of November 2019.

During that period, the levels of a potential distribution area have been broken upwards, to make some space for new absolute maximums.

In the picture just above there are some red vectors that represent the 1X1 angles ascending from the lows of August 2015 and January 2016.

The 1X1 angle with origin on 28-12-2018 also coincides with the top of the week of 14th February of this year.

The external shocks have triggered the panic selling throughout the month of March. They have their origin in the short term precisely from the angular crossing of natural drift, which is occurred in the week of 20th February of this year.

In the long term, the evident price collapse has been identified by the expiry of the 90-year cycle: the first collapse of prices in 1839 determined the subsequent collapse of 1929 and the last of the end of 2019.

Returning to the short term, the minimum of the “first sharp decline” has reached the 1X8 angular support (blue colored in the photo) in the 19.300 area in the week of 20th March. It has carried out just after a very marked short-term pull-back.

The rebound has created an angle 4 times its natural drift, reaching level 24,760 at the end of April 2020.

A lateral phase is expected in which different maximums and minimums will alternate, although the wideness of these movements may be wide-ranging. The need to rebalance the price-time has  originated this phase, due to the over-balance of the period February-March just last.

First angular resistances are in area 26.300 on the 1X1 descending angle, while the supports are in area 21.900, 20.500.

Dow Jones Index Stock Market forecasts medium term

dow jones forecast
Dow Jones Index monthly 05.11.20

In March 2020, Dow Jones Index is gone out from the base of the ascending corridor, where it was stood in the last ten years.

The 1X1 Zero angle (the third vector from the top in red) has blocked the corrective force of the first quarter of 2020, to make some space for a new recovery.

The next expiring time cycle coincides with the month of June 2020.

The area of ​​23,700 is a first medium-term dynamic obstacle. Subsequent areas of strong resistance stand at 27,000.

The formation of a large lateral phase in which time dimension finds a new balance with that of the price is plausible, considered the strong compression of price dimension in the first bearish movement and the subsequent technical rebound.

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