Financial markets forecast today Technical analysis Dow Jones Index

financial market forecast 2021

Financial markets forecast today Technical analysis Dow Jones Index

Financial markets forecast today analysis of price dynamics in the short and medium term through William Delbert Gann’s Stock Market cycles.

Weekly Stock Market charts

American Stock market 2021
Dow Jones Index weekly 05.28.2021

American Stock Market today

From the weekly low of March 27, 2020 to date, the Dow Jones Index market has had a surprising recovery.

In fact, the positive weekly returns in a first phase underwent a strong acceleration compared to the natural growth ratio:

in the period from March 20 to June 12, the prices of the American Stock Exchange had a growth factor four times the natural pace, passing from 18,900 to 27,580 points.

Just after the weekly Set Up of 12 June 2020, the market slowed down:

the correction was blocked by the 2X1 ascending angle visible by the yellow vector from the bottom on March 27, 2020.

The returns of prices from early July to early September 2020 have slowed down the growth, so much that we can see that since last August the weekly highs have remained just below this vector.

The following temporal cycles expired in the week of September 04 and November 06 generated the beginning and the end of a trading range. The Dow Jones Index freed itself from this trading range in the following weeks starting on November 13th.

Despite a first acceleration, the prices of the American Stock Exchange have traced an upward trajectory along the 1X1 angle, visible with the red vector.

This fact testifies how the upward thrust is showing a slowdown, despite the prolonged positivity.

A possible abandonment of this vector would testify to the end of the Up trend.

The last short term signal expired in the week of May 21, 2021.

The market has already shown the will to grow further in the short term: first resistance at 36,358 points.

With the return below 33,430 points, the American Index would show a first phase of weakness: dynamic supports at 33,800; 33,300 points.

Financial markets forecast: medium term Dow Jones Index

Financial market forecast 2021
Dow Jones Index monthly 05.28.2021

It’s visible in the slide just above that the 1X1 Zero angle blocked the descent of the Dow Jones Index in March 2020.

Also in this case the positive acceleration of the market is clearly visible which still today, unlike the weekly technical frame, is maintaining an exceptional performance.

In fact, monthly returns are maintaining growth on 2X1 (ascending yellow vector).

In the current month of May, quotes are touching the intermediate side of the medium-term upward corridor.

Resistances in area 35,800.

Next Set Up: June 2021.

Long Term Dow Jones Future

financial market forecast today
Dow Jones Index quarterly 2021 may

The long-term trend is solidly positive, with the swing chart up for good four quarters.

Next static resistances: 36,400 points.

Only a return below 32.930 points would indicate a first trend reversal.

Financial markets today Trading with the Gann technique

Compared to other Stock Market indices such as those of Europe, the East, etc., the American markets showed a very solid and robust trend and returns.

The Stock Market cycles derived from these markets are very sparse and therefore maintaining positions on the market or also entering the market can be complex.

Thanks to a professional software it is possible to obtain time cycles and American stock market cycles, identify the market Drift with its variance rates, static price octaves, etc.

The Top Trader© professional Stock Exchange software was created to correctly apply the Gann theory, along with all those hedging strategies to protect the investment portfolio.

The program is available from this Blog.


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