Forex signals Dollar Yen Usd Jpy Forecasts to 30-12-2019

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Forex signals Dollar Yen Usd Jpy Forecasts

Forex signals Dollar-Yen obtained through Gann’s cycles.

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Dollaro Yen mounthly september 2019

Usd Jpy medium term technical analysis

From January 2017, Dollar-Yen market is going through a long side phase with positive and negative periods of ups and downs.

The first negative directional movement started in November 2017 was blocked by the 1X4 ascending angular support in March 2018 indicated in purple on the slide.

From April 2018 the Dollar has markedly indicated a recovery phase reaching the new 1X4 descending angular resistances at level 114.54 in October last year (also shown in purple on the slide).

As indicated in the previous reports, the negative violation of level 111 by the Dollar, during the monthly Forex signal of December 2018, would have again established a new corrective trend by the American currency.

The correction, however, crossing the same angular support of March 2018 has been temporarily braked, to leave room for a new positive pull-back. So the same resistance that held back the positive trend in October 2018 once again blocked the Dollar’s rebound on the Yen in April 2019.

During the monthly Set Up of May 2019, the US currency, once again breaking the previous month’s low down, has definitively indicated the positive path of the Yen against the Dollar.

In fact, the angular support that had blocked the fall in dollar prices in March 2018 and January 2019 attempted to curb the negative path of the dollar again in June and July 2019.

But the time cycle and Forex signal expired in August 2019 has definitely broken this 1X4 angular support which for a long time has determined the side phase of the Yen Dollar starting from March 2018.

With the bearish Out-side in August 2019 the Dollar will weaken progressively, and the first supports will be at 102 and 100. Only the reaching of level 109.60 will again establish a new side trend. First resistances at level 107.60.

Dollar-Yen medium and long term forecasts

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Dollaro Yen quarterly september 2019

The 1X2 long-term resistance from top of the second quarter of 2015 has blocked all the Dollar’s attempts to recover a new positive phase.

Although the various supports such as the 1X1 Zero angles or the 1X2 ascending angle have supported the Dollar, the swing chart remains negative: subsequent supports at level 100 and 96.

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