Forex trading today Euro Yen June 2022 signals analysis and trend

Forex trading Eur Jpy

Forex trading signals Eur Jpy June 2022 

Forex trading today technical analysis and forecasts using William Gann’s temporal cycles.

Historical weekly Forex Chart

forex signals june 2022
Eur Jpy weekly

Euro Yen Forex signal today

During the weeks between 04 June 2021 and 25 February 2022 the Euro Yen market dynamics was lateral, alternating between a maximum in the 134 area and a minimum in the 127.50 area.

Only during the week of 11 March 2022 the market performed a more marked negative acceleration which brought prices to 124.35.

As you can see in the slide just above, that price area coincided with 1X8 and 1X4 angle supports.

Together with the weekly Set Up of 11 March 2022, the Euro performed a pull-back that lasted until the next temporal cycle of 22 April, in that week the prices reached 1X2 angular resistances at 140.

The subsequent negative retracement brought the levels of the Euro to the 1X2 ascending angle, a vector visible in yellow, with the origin of the minimum of 11 March 2022.

The Forex signal expiring in May coincided with the week of 27.

During this period, we saw a price squeeze on static resistance at 136.80. In the following week of June 3 there was the expected bullish acceleration.

Forex signals for June 2022 will expire in weeks 10 and 17.

In the week of 10 June the market gave a positive outcome to the bullish phase: next resistances in the 143 and 148 area.

Only if in the week of June 17 the low of the week of June 10 were violated, the dynamics of the Euro would reverse in lateral negative.

Also in this case, the subsequent further violation of the top of 17 June would confirm the upward trend of the Euro.

Supports at 138.25; 136.80.

Eur Jpy medium term Forex strategies

trading signals long term
Eur Jpy monthly

Between October 2021 and March 2022, the Euro Yen medium-term dynamics were complex.

The highs and lows were in fact broken up and down, making a new positioning impossible.

The instability continued also during the months of February and May 2022.

A bullish out side occurred in February and last May we witnessed a bearish break of the April low, recovered during this month of June.

The trend is bullish and the next dynamic resistances are in the 145.30; 150 area.

Next Eur/Jpy signal expires in July 2022.

Only the return below 132.30 will restore a negative lateral dynamics in the medium term. Static supports at 131.30.

Forex trading signals Euro Yen long term 

forex trading today
euro yen quarterly

The long term trend of the Euro Yen market is positive. Upcoming targets 146; 150.

Only the return below 124 will indicate a bearish reversal in the quarterly time frame.

Online trading with Gann’s technique

One of the major difficulties encountered in forecasting models relating to the variation in returns volatility, especially in Forex markets.

The economist William Delbert Gann in the early 1900s conceived a linear geometric mathematical model that correlated two dimensions of the market, namely price and time, considering the third dimension of volumes as a separate study.

The most important discovery of the famous trader concerns the study of the temporal cycles of financial securities which he refers to the name “Master Time Factor”.

Of particular importance are the major price-time crossings indicated with the angles from which they took their name, that is, the Gann angles, within dynamic and static temporal cycles.

These particular crossings within the cycle are called Set Up and determine the temporal signals namely the time in which the psychological masses of investors determine the change in the trend

The Top Trader© Stock Exchange software has been designed to easily apply Gann’s technique to all listed financial markets and securities.

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