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Frankfurt Stock Exchange forecast

Frankfurt Stock Exchange forecast September October 2022

Stock Market forecasts and technical analysis in the short and long term through the economic cycles discovered by the economist William Gann.

Stock Market charts with weekly technical framework

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Dax Index Stock Exchange forecast tomorrow

With the negative infringement of the area of ​​14,850 points, in the week of 18 February the Frankfurt Index ended the lateral phase to make room for a negative directional trend.

In the week of March 11, in fact, the Dax reached the 1×8 ascending angle, radiated in the photo above in blue, at 12,438 points.

Just after reaching the angle, the prices made a dramatic technical rebound, thus returning the value of the German Index to the equilibrium point, on the 1×1 angle at 14.925.

In the following weeks, the Dax gradually began to weaken again with continuous oscillations between the support of the 1×8 angle of blue color seen previously and the descending resistances of 1×2 angles visible in yellow.

The last expiring trading signal coincided with the week of 09 September 2022.

During that period the market closed inside while, in the week of September 16, the prices broke up the previous weekly top.

However, at a later time, the angular resistances in the area of ​​13,500 repelled the propulsive force again.

If the market falls below 12.570 then the short trend will turn negative, with the first supports at 13.390; 12,260.

German Stock Market monthly trend

With the expiration of the Maximum Square in March 2022, the Dax Index accelerated the downtrend, although the closure was on the 1×2 ascending angle at 14,414.

This rebound is due to the various dynamic supports that make up the medians of the ascending corridor, which are visible in the photo as yellow vectors.

The decline in the following months was therefore lateral negative.

The last expiring Set Up coincides with the month of September 2022.

In this first period of the month the Dax market has shown a state of weakness: the negative trend will be hampered by the first supports in the 12.088; 11,348 area.

Only the return above 13,090 will indicate an upward recovery of the German index.

Long-term Dax Index technical analysis

In the long term, the development of the trend is located within a bullish channel consisting of Zero angles and 1×2 angles.

The median angle, which has been a strong resistance for over ten years, in the first quarter of 2015 and the first quarter of 2018 rejected the Dax’s attempt to break up the 16,000 point area in the first quarter of 2022.

The latest quarterly signal indicated the birth of a new corrective trend that will push prices again on the basis of the long-term bullish channel:

supports in 11,400; 10,700 area.

Stock Market signals and software for technical study

This report was produced using the technique of the American economist William Gann.

By means of its linear geometric mathematical model, it is possible to identify the Drift and therefore understand the price/time target of the stock under consideration.

Using the Variance Rate of the 1×1 angle, the various angular supports and resistances can be identified.

His research has deeply investigated the dimension of time and after numerous tests he was able to identify the most important temporal cycles of the markets, both Natural and Dynamic.

The sections within these cycles constitute the greatest strengths of price/time and therefore generate the most effective Stock Market signals, from which Stock Market returns begin to auto-correlate.

The Top Trader© software available on this blog allows traders and investors to apply the Gann technique correctly and easily on all listed markets.

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