Frankfurt Stock Exchange today trend analysis and signals April 2024

German stock market signals today

Frankfurt stock exchange today trend 2024

Frankfurt Stock Exchange today forecasts and trading signals in the short and long term illustrated through the Gann technique.

German stock market history chart with technical picture in weekly time frame

German stock market today short and long term analysis
Weekly Dax Index 14.03.24

Frankfurt Stock Exchange today: short-term forecast

With the Set Up weekly expiration of November 03, 2023, the Dax Index market resumed its positive correlation of returns, generating a robust up trend.

As we can see in the slide just above, quotes have been above the 1X1 angle for as long as seven weeks:

the German stock market from the November Set Up weekly low at 14,630 points, reached a top at 17,003 points in the week of Dec. 12 last week over the area of static resistance.

From that point on, a new negative sideways phase began, which ended at the expiration of the time cycle last January 19.

Since mid-January, in fact, a second bullish phase has resumed for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, which has been maintaining short-term positivity for eight weeks.

Next time signal Square of Minimum expired in the week of March 15, 2024.

With the bullish break of the previous weekly top, the German market has shown a willingness to continue with the bullish action until the next Set Up.

Next targets and resistances are in the area 18,060; 18,420; 18,960 points.

Only the return below 17,630 the German Index will indicate a first partial weakness, for a new negative sideways phase: first supports at area 17,790; 17,380 points.

German stock market medium-term trend

Frankfurt index today forecasts via Gann technique
Dax monthly index 14.03.24

In both May 2020 and September 2022, the German stock market made two lows in the area of the lower side of the bullish corridor, visible in the picture by the ascending 1X2 angles drawn in yellow.

In the past decade, the German market has arrived at the upper median vector ber three times:

April 2015; November 2017; and November 2021.

On all three occasions the bullish momentum was rejected, resulting in the emergence of a new corrective trend, which brought Dax prices back to the base of the ascending channel.

The next Set Up coincides with March-April 2024.

For the fourth time the Dax will test the median corridor band, which at this time is 18,300 points.

This represents the first target and thus strong resistance.

While with the final break of the median vector we will see the Frankfurt Stock Exchange arrive on the upper side of the corridor.

Subsequent resistance in the area of 19,240 points.

Technical Analysis Stock Market Quarterly Dax Index

Frankfurt stock exchange today
Dax quarterly index 14.03.24

Even in the long-term trend, we can observe how the German stock market has reached the median value of the three-month channel three times.

In contrast to the medium term, in the long term the Dax quotations have broken the price/time ratio outlined by the lower half of the corridor to project into the upper half.

Next resistances in the area 18,520; 18,900.

Supports in the 16,500 area.

The article on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange forecasts were compiled by means of WD Gann theory and technique, and Top Trader(c) stock market software was used.

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