Frankfurt Stock Exchange tomorrow Dax forecasts and trading signals

German Stock Exchange Signals

Frankfurt Stock Exchange tomorrow forecast and analysis

Frankfurt Stock Exchange tomorrow forecasts, in the medium and long term with strategies and trading signals using the WD Gann trading technique.

Historical chart Dax Index

Frankfurt Stock Exchange tomorrow analysis and trading signals
Weekly Dax Index 17.04.24

Frankfurt Stock Exchange today: short-term forecast

In the set-up weekly of 03 November 2023, the German stock market reached the octave static supports, visible in the slide above, and initiated a new short- and medium-term bullish phase.

In fact, in the weeks following the trading signal of 03 November, the positive returns were highly correlated, to the extent that they remained positive until the week of 15 December 2023.

From the low of 03 November at 14,678, the Dax Index rose to 17,003 points.

After seven weeks of rises, the dynamics of the Dax generated a discontinuity with a new negative sideways dynamic, which pushed the quotations over static support at a low of 16,345 points.

However, with the expiration of the time cycle on 02 February, the Frankfurt Index restarted a new propulsive action, which brought the quotations up to a top at 18,567 coinciding with the new Set Up:

3/4 of the cycle related to the 104-week Natural Square.

It is from this last trading signal that the German market is generating a new phase of weakness, albeit temporary.

The next supports lie in the area 17,790; 17,390-120 points.

The start of a negative retracement in the short term is technical for now, as the market has had a price over-balance for ten weeks.

At present, this dynamic is still negative sideways.

New resistances in the area of 18,960 points.

German stock exchange performance in the medium term with monthly analysis

German stock market performance today
Dax monthly index 17.04.24

Since March 2009, the uptrend of the Dax Index has evolved within an ascending channel outlined by the ascending 1X2 angles drawn on the slide in yellow.

In April 2015, in November 2017 and in November 2021 the German stock market reached the price-time ratio of the upper median side of the corridor, triggering a corrective trend just after the crossing with this vector.

In April the Dax Index reached the median vector of the channel for the fourth time, at 18,370 points, triggering the slight draw-down for the time being.

The month of April 2024 coincides with the expiration of the range square.

Therefore the reaching of 17,590 will indicate the birth of a new negative action of the German market that will have as first supports area 17,670; 16,750.

While the reaching of 18,600 points will signal the continuation of the bullish action:

subsequent targets in the area 19,270; 19,520.

Long-term technical analysis Dax Index

Technical analysis German stock exchange today
Quarterly Dax Index 17.04.24

In contrast to the medium term, the Dax Index managed to break upwards the middle corner of the bullish corridor, reaching the 1X1 corner drawn in red at 18,513 points.

Next targets in the area of 19,230; 19,600; 20,740.

The supports are in the area 16,900-16,650 points.

Only the return below 16,300 points, the Frankfurt Index will start a new negative directionality:

further supports in this case are in the area 15,500 points.

The article on the Dax Index forecasts are illustrated through the WD Gann theory and with the use of the Top Trader(c) stock exchange software.

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