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Who is Francesco Massetti?

I welcome you to my websites Forexgann.net and Forexgann.com. I am Francesco Massetti founder of these blogs that over the years have become the most visited reference points in Italy and abroad in the analysis of the stock market through the American economist W.D. Gann.
If you need my help, I’m here for you.

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francesco massetti
Francesco Massetti

I have been studying the Gann technique since the early ’00 and after numerous meetings with experts, training courses, and tutorials that lasted for about 5 years, I began my career as a trader, analyst and researcher.

I have published over 4,000 articles on stock market analysis, I have written and continue to write my articles in numerous economic newspapers.

I have organized and participated in numerous events through webinars and live to train different traders, and I am a teacher at Sapienza Finanziaria of Gann theory and technique.

I have published 2 books in the field of the Gann technique. “The Geometric Mathematical Mechanics of Financial Markets” and “Trading with Gann’s Options and Technique”.

I have created a software that can be used online called Top Trader (c), so that anyone can experiment with Gann’s theory, both for their own trading operations and for the simulation of the changes in premiums in vanilla options for hedging operations.

I am always busy creating new trading strategies with both contracts and options.

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