German stock exchange today forecasts technical analysis and trading signals

German stock market signals today

German stock market today forecast

German stock market today short- and long-term trend development with signals and price/time targets using the WD Gann technique.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange chart with weekly technical picture

German stock market today forecasts using the WD Gann technique
Weekly Dax Index 23.05.24

German stock market today short-term forecast

Following the expiry of the Set Up weekly on 03 November 2023, the German stock exchange restarted a new bullish phase that is still ongoing today.

From a level of 14,630 points the Dax Index reached 17,000 points in mid-December as a result of the strong upward momentum, only to generate a slight lateral phase afterwards.

With the expiry of the Minimum Square in the week of 26 January 2024, the Frankfurt Index resumed its upward run, reaching a high of 18,567 points on 05 April, on the ascending 1X3 corner, plotted in green.

With the bearish out-side in the week of 05 April 2024 the German market generated a slight correction which ended at the 1X2 corner support drawn in yellow and static support.

The weeks of 10-17 May coincided with important stock market signals that led to the emergence of a new bullish trend.

In fact, the Dax touched a new high at 18,892 only to fall back in these last days of late May.

The next stock market signal will expire the week of 14 June.

Although the trend is positive, we are currently witnessing a negative retracement of quotations that will have as supports area 18.060; 17.790.

Resistance in the 18,960 area.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange Index medium-term trend

Frankfurt Index today
Dax monthly index 23.05.24

During the October 2023 time set-up, the Frankfurt market reached the median vector of the bullish corridor, consisting of the yellow ascending 1X2 angles in the picture.

The bullish breakout of last October’s top in November generated a new positive medium-term phase with very autocorrelated returns.

Quotes reached the upper median vector of the bullish channel last March for the fourth time in a decade.

While on the three previous occasions the Frankfurt Index generated a major correction, the driving force of the German market is poised to break through this important dynamic resistance at this time.

Next resistance in the 19,500 area.

Only a return below 17,370 will re-establish a new corrective course: supports in the 17,780 area; 17,250.

Stock market forecasts Dax quarterly index

Long-term Dax Index Stock Exchange
Quarterly Dax Index 23.05.24

The long-term trend of the Dax Index is positive and is heading towards the upper vector of the bullish channel for the first time.

Next resistances in the area 19,600; 20,600.

The market forecasts of the Dax Index with Trading Signals described by applying the technique of WD. Gann and using the Top Trader(c) stock market software.

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