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Gold forecasts today technical analysis and stock market signals for short- and long-term investment using Gann cycles.

Weekly Historical Gold Graph with Technical Chart

Gold forecasts today analysis and trading signals
Weekly Gold 09.05.24

Gold forecast today: weekly investments

With the conclusion of the negative laterality in the Set Up weekly of 06 October 2023, the price dynamics of Gold began to rise rapidly again.

As we had described and anticipated in previous reports, the weekly set ups of 13 October and 24 November 2023 generated two broad bullish movements that pushed the prices of the yellow metal to a new high at $2,146.

Subsequent to the top of 08 December at $2,146, an over/under range was generated to balance the previous imbalance, in which price size was much more prevalent.

The trading range was exhausted at the Range Square Expiration of 23 February 2024.

From that stock market signal, short- and medium-term returns started to have a high autocorrelation again.

In fact, a good nine weeks followed in which the lows were never breached, with continuous bullish breakouts of the highs.

Since 23 February at $2,011 the Gold market reached a top at $2,431 in the week of 12 April 2024.

The Quadrat Minimum expired in the following week, on 19 April, leading to the start of a new sideways phase.

The last expired Trading Signal was on 03 May 2024 and last week Gold prices broke upwards above the $2,350 level, indicating a restart of positive laterality.

Next Gold Trading Signal will expire in the week of June 14, 2024.

Resistances in the $2,413 area; $2,462 while supports in the $2,290-2,270 area.

Monthly gold price trend: medium-term trend

Gold investing today using the Gann technique
Monthly Gold 09.05.24

The medium-term dynamics of Gold prices is evolving within an ascending channel realised through the price/time ratio of the 1X2 angles irradiated in yellow on the picture above.

As can be seen in the photo above, since the monthly set-up in October 2023, when Gold achieved a bullish out-side, there has been no breach of previous lows to date.

That is, yields have been positive for a good seven months.

The short break of January February 2024 does not count as the extension was contained in the previous candle (inside).

The last stock market signal on the Gold market expires in May 2024.

During this month the market is experiencing a new laterality between $2414 and $2,300.

A bullish breach of $2,441 will confirm the medium-term positivity: Resistance in the area of $2,430; $2,490.

Technical analysis Quarterly gold: long-term returns

Gold price trend today
Quarterly Gold 09.05.24

Gold’s long-term trend remains positive, and is outlined by the bullish channel formed by the 1X2 corner vectors plotted in yellow.

As can be seen on the slide, Gold’s returns over the past three quarters have quadrupled in value by performing the purple 4X1 vector.

Next resistances in the $2490-$2,500 area; $2,228.

Supports in the $2,175 area.

Gold analysis and forecasts with respective Price/time signals and objectives have been indicated by means of the William Delbert Gann technique and using the recent Top Trader(c) Stock Exchange software.

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