Gold price forecast analysis technique tomorrow and long term 2022

gold price forecast today

Gold price forecast tomorrow and long term 2022

Gold price forecast weekly, monthly and quarterly using the trading technique of the American economist W.D. Gann

Gold Price forecast today

gold price forecast tomorrow
Gold weekly 11.18.2021

Following the formation of a long accumulation phase, the Gold market managed to re-establish a new uptrend in the short term.

The quadruple weekly candle low (12.03, 02.04, 13.08, 01.10 of 2021) and the triple weekly low on the closures (18.06, 06.08, 24.09 of 2021), have clearly indicated the birth of a new driving force.

The 1X4 descending angular resistances, radiated by the software in purple color, together with the static Octave resistances, generated the trading range just described which ended last week.

During the weekly Set Up of Nov 05, the Gold market gave a clear bullish indication with the price break at $ 1.818.

The confirmation of the upward phase came with the further positive infringement occurred in the week of November 12, in which it was possible to see how the prices reached the following dynamic obstacle 1X8 drawn in blue at a quote of $ 1.868.

The week of November 19th coincides with a new Minimum Square:

the positive trend has been confirmed and the next obstacles are placed at $ 1.884; $ 1.903.

Only a return below $ 1.806 will indicate the formation of a new lateral phase.

Supports at $ 1.834.

Gold trend December 2021 January 2022

gold price forecast 2022
Gold monthly 2021 november

The ascending corridor illustrated several times in previous articles has shown its effectiveness.

In fact, in August the Gold prices reached the base of the channel made up by the 1X2 angles traced in yellow.

In the low of August, prices reached the 1X1 descending angle of red color and, in the following months of September and October, Gold prices remained inside.

The relevant monthly signal expired last October.

Its effects are manifesting in November:

prices have in fact exceeded upwards the highs of October and the 1X2 descending angular resistance of $ 1.830.

Next targets in area $ 1.950.

Technical analysis Gold fourth quarter 2021 first quarter 2022

gold analysis technique
Gold quarterly november 2021

In the fourth quarter of 2021 the Gold market positively reversed the long-term dynamics with the achievement of the level indicated in the previous reports, which is $ 1.845.

This positivity will lead to new listing records for 2022.

Next resistances in area $ 1910; $ 1994.

Static supports at $ 1740.

Gold trading through Stock Exchange cycles

Over the past four months, trading in Gold market has been difficult, due to the continuous swings generated by the accumulative phase.

Through the Gann technique it is possible to trace the various dynamic cycles of the market and the operating signals of entry and exit, by means of a linear geometric mathematical model, in which the dimensions of price-time-volume are correlated.

The Top Trader © Stock Exchange software allows you to correctly apply the US economist theory for all listed markets and therefore also for the yellow metal.

The graphic platform plots the various Gann Squares, Gann angles, Zero Angles, static octaves etc.

Inside you can also use Hedging strategies through the Plain Vanilla Call and Put Options, as you can view all the static and dynamic Payoffs up to ten strategies.

The values of the Greeks are available and portfolio simulations can be carried out to hedge the risk, also being able to intervene on the curvature of the implied volatility for each strike price.

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