Gold trading forecast 2022 short and long term price trend analysis

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Gold forecast 2022 price trends and graphs

Gold forecast 2022 short and long term prices trend using William Gann’s time cycles.

gold forecast 2022
Gold weekly

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The Gold market had a lateral trend for most of 2021, with the exception of the first semester.

At the end of May, after reaching the 1X4 descending angular resistance at $ 1,916, plotted by the software in purple, prices first had recorded a strong correction, reaching the $ 1,770 area in early June.

Secondly, we witnessed an oscillatory phase in which prices went from $ 1,827 on the octave static resistance to lower levels on the 1X4 and 1X8 angular supports in the $ 1,750 and $ 1,726 area.

With the expiry of the weekly Set Up of November 7, 2021, the Gold trend is finally re-established with a greater positive directionality.

In fact, as predicted in the previous reports, the prices reached again the octave static resistance in the $ 1877 area in the week of November 19th.

The bearish break of the Minimum Square on Nov 19, 2011, which occurred the following week, indicated a new short term corrective phase that hit a low of $ 1,752.88 on December 15.

The week of December 24, 2021 coincides with the expiration of a new temporal cycle.

The bullish break of the top relative to the candle of December 17 during this temporal cycle will confirm the short-term bullish recovery: resistance in the area of $ 1835; $ 1850.

Angular supports in the area 1770-1760 $.

Gold medium trend 2022

gold analysis technique 2022
Gold monthly december 22

In the slide just above you can see the medium term uptrend channel formed by the 1X2 Zero Angles and the various 1X2 angular vectors.

Lateral dynamics is also visible from the monthly candles. After the bearish break of the monthly Set Up of last August, another 2 monthly candles followed, which ended in inside.

More precisely September and last October.

In particular in October, various cyclical maturities converged which effects were manifested in November.

The 1X2 descending angle, drawn as a yellow vector, blocked Gold’s first bullish attack; but this is only the beginning of a much broader trend.

The accumulation area generated from August to December close to the base of the bullish corridor suggests the start of a new positive medium term trend confirmed by the positive infringement of the Set Up of October 2021.

The new cycle expiring in December will make its effects felt in the early new year 2022.

First resistances at $ 1880; 1940 $.

Only a return below $ 1748 will change the technical frame negatively.

Long term Gold Technical Analysis 

gold trading today
Gold quarterly

The long term dynamics of the gold market returned to positive after three quarters of negative laterality.

Currently, the prices have reached their Natural value that is on the 1X1 ascending angle in the $ 1.813 area.

Reaching $ 1887 in the first quarter of 2022 will confirm Gold’s positive long term trend: resistances at $ 1975; $ 2050.

The return below $ 1736 will restore a new corrective course.

Trading Gold today

The Gann technique offers a coordinate system based on a linear geometric mathematical model that allows you to create a technical framework of the trend dynamics in an efficient way.

One of the most important discoveries, as the statesman said, is the Mater Time factor, that is the identification of particular dynamic and static stock market cycles. Within these cycles it is possible to obtain input and output signals.

The Top Trader © Stock Exchange software was created to apply the extraordinary theory of the American economist in a simple and immediate way.

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