Gold trend forecast 2021 Technical analysis May 2021

Forex Gann forecast stock market Forex Eur usd Gold | Gold monthly 05.12.2021

Gold trend forecast 2021 Technical analysis May 2021

Gold trend forecast 2021 Analysis of the prices in the short and long term through the Stock Market cycles of the yellow metal identified by the economist W.D. Gann.

Gold trend chart

gold price forecast 2021
Gold weekly 05-12-2021

Gold Forecast weekly

From the week of Set Up weekly of 02 April 2021, the Gold market has reversed the corrective trend that had been started in the week of 14 August 2020.

Several times the dynamics of the prices of the yellow metal have attempted a positive reversal.

Both the week of November 13, 2020, and the week of January 08, 2021.

In both cases the 1X2 descending angular resistance, visible in yellow on the slide, repelled the bullish pull-backs.

However, we can note that after the double lows of 12 March and 02 April 2021, the positive trend (triggered by the April temporal cycle) managed to break the dynamic obstacle.

In fact, after the two price-time signals of April 23-30, 2021, Gold broke the 1X2 angular resistance just mentioned, which at that moment is $ 1773.

The conclusion of trading in the first week of May was at $ 1831.

The weeks of May 14-21 coincide with the relevant weekly Sets Up.

Reaching $ 1848.50 this week will confirm the short-term positive dynamics with first resistances in the $ 1870, $ 1885 area.

While the return below the $ 1750 level will restore a negative lateral trend in Gold dynamics.

Gold technical analysis medium-term

gold trend forecast 2021
gold monthly may 2021

In the monthly time frame, the reversal of the trend in the medium term can be seen more clearly.

Gold prices from the upper side of the ascending corridor in the area of ​​$ 2075 in August 2020, reached the lower side in the area of ​​$ 1676 in March 2021.

March and May 2021 are Set Up months and the dynamics are evolving in a positive sense, although the signal is not yet completed.

If prices remain above the low of May, the bullish trend will be confirmed, with first resistances in the $ 1900-1930 area.

The return below the May low in June will lead to a negative lateral phase.

Supports in the area 1700-1670 $.

Gold Price Forecast quarterly

analysis technique gold 2021
gold quarterly 05.12.2021

The long-term trend was positive until the third quarter of 2020.

Subsequently, the correlation of positive returns was lost and in the fourth quarter of 2020 the dynamics reversed directionality.

However, the Zero and 1X2 angular supports, irradiated by the software in yellow, blocked this correction which is proving to be more technical than structural.

Reaching $ 1971 will restore positivity in the long term: $ 1980 resistance. Supports in the area $1,700.

Forex Gold forecast with the Gann technique

The dynamics of gold prices reached new all-time records last year and will probably continue over the next few years.

Those who follow the publication of these reports have understood how effective the Gann technique is.

Thanks to it, in fact, it’s possible to identify the price-time objective of the market, the various temporal Sets Up, angular supports and resistances, the various time cycles and so on.

The software Top Trader© was created to allow the investor or trader to apply the Gann theory and the slides show the effectiveness of the software.

The possibility of creating a technical framework has recently been added using the Plain Vanilla Call and Put Options for both speculating and hedging.

In fact, the platform allows a complete overview:

for the information of the Greeks,

of static and dynamic graphs between stocks, futures and Options,

the possibility of carrying out simulations thanks to the curvature of the implied volatilities on the strike prices of the Options.

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