Oil price forecast today WTI 2022 future prices trend with trading signals

Oil forecast today

Oil price forecast today WTI July August 2022 analysis

Oil price forecasts today trend in the short and long term through the temporal cycles of W.D. Gann.

Oil chart short term

oil forecast today
WTI Oil price weekly

Oil price weekly forecast today

With the expiration of the trading signal Square of Range of the week of March 11, 2022, the oil market reached a relative top of $ 129.41.

The bearish break of the Set Up candle on last March 11 initially started a lateral phase, which highs and lows area alternate between $ 129.41 and $ 92.95.

Subsequently in the weeks between April and May the price dynamics of the WTI resumed a new positive lateral course reaching a new relative top on the 1X4 descending angular resistance, radiated in purple.

In the week of June 24, the oil market, from the top of $ 123.65 restarted a new descending force, also confirmed by the latest signal expiring the week of July 08, 2022.

However, this new downturn, which brought prices back to the April 15 lows of $ 92.95, seems to have generated a new consolidation area.

The minimum of the week of 08 July in fact reached the price-time on the 1X1 angle (descending red vector) as can be seen in the slide just above.

It will therefore be the violation of $ 108.30 to indicate the confirmation of the consolidation area and therefore of a new lateral phase.

The continuation below the minimums for the week of 08 July in the following days will indicate the continuation of the negativity:

first dynamic supports in the $ 94 area; $ 84.74.

July August medium term oil trend

Oil price forecast today
WTI Oil price monthly

In the WTI medium-term trend, after a long phase of Up trend, a new phase of negative laterality has been generated.

During the triple monthly Set Up, which expired in April, oil prices broke down the low of March, in the initial phase, although at the end of the month the prices returned to the area of ​​$ 104.

In May, the partial expiration of a Square of Range again led prices to break the top of April to the upside, but during the temporal cycle expiring in July 2022 the dynamics of the oil market turned negative again.

Therefore, there is a lack of correlation in returns, which testifies to the birth of a trading range, which will only be confirmed in August if prices break the July top upward.

Conversely, the negative infringement of $ 92.65 will confirm the new corrective trend started during the monthly Set Up in July: further supports in the $ 91 area; $ 85.

Long term oil future forecast

long term oil forecast
WTI oil price quarterly

The long-term trend is still positive.

In the second quarter of 2022, the oil dynamics were inside the first quarter, as the positive acceleration was hampered by static resistances at $ 109.24 and $ 127.60.

Reaching $ 92.40 would indicate a first phase of weakness: first angular and static supports in the $ 89 area.

Oil trading signals

William Delbert Gann was one of the first economists of the 1900s who correlated the three dimensions of financial markets, namely price, time and trading volumes.

The mathematical-geometric model that he identified is of the linear type and not with two unknowns like the curvilinear model devised in later times by other economists.

The American trader focused his studies above all on the dimension of time and bound his major discoveries on time cycles, both permanent and dynamic, under the term “Master Time factor”.

Particular sections of these time cycles identify the Set Up namely those signals that generate the greatest movements in the price-time of the listed security.

The Top Trader© Stock Exchange software helps the investor to create the technical framework of a stock using the Gann technique.

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