U.S. stock market today forecasts S&P500 signals April 24

stock market signals S&p500 Index

American stock market today analysis and trading signals

U.S. stock market today forecasts S&P500 Index market in the short and long run by means of WD Gann time cycles.

U.S. stock market graph S&P500 Index with technical picture

U.S. stock exchanges today
Sp500 index weekly 14.03.24

U.S. stock market today: weekly forecast

Since the triple weekly low generated in October 14, December 30, 2022, and March 17, 2023, respectively, the S&p500 Index has initiated a strong upward dynamic that persists to the present.

Since the weekly set up on March 22, 2023, the short-term trend has begun to initiate a new positive phase and has had partial laterality near the static resistances in the 4,160-point area.

Since the expiration of the time cycles in the period of May 19-26, 2023, the U.S. stock market has generated a higher correlation of positive returns:

the S&p500 Index reached a first relative top in the Set Up weekly expiration of last July 21-28.

As can be seen in the picture above the July 2023 relative top coincided with octave static resistance in the 4,600 point area.

The negation of the July 21-28, 2023 relative signals resulted in the emergence of a new corrective trend in the U.S. market, which ended at the 1X8 dynamic support (radiated in blue on the photo) at 4,103 points.

The expiration of the new Minimum Square in the week of November 03 generated a new Up trend with a return double to its normal uptrend.

In fact, the weekly swing chart was upward for a full nine weeks and just after a brief pause, in the week of January 05, 2024, the U.S. Index started to rise again.

From the Set Up low of Nov. 03, 2023 at 4,132 points, the New York Stock Exchange made an initial top at 4,793 points, to accelerate later:

in the week of March 08, 2024, the U.S. Index made a new top at 5,189 points.

The weekly high of March 08 coincides with a 1X1 dynamic resistance visible in red, which has as its origin the bottom of February 12, 2016.

The next trading signal coincides with the week of March 22, 2024.

The trend is still bullish.

A first indication of weakness would begin to be observed if during the weekly signal on March 22 the previous weekly low is broken to the downside.

Next targets are area 5,235; 5,270; further resistance in are 5,470.

Supports are in the area 5,070; 4,800 points.

S&P500 Index forecast in the medium term

U.S. stock market performance 2024
Sp500 index monthly 14.03.24

The medium-term bullish trend of the S&p500 Index has pushed prices above the median vectors of the ascending channel, a magnified part of which we can see in the photo just above.

With the expiration of the Minimum Square in March 2023, U.S. stock market prices began to rise again, reaching the very median vectors of the channel last July:

these vectors consist of the ascending 1X2 angles, in yellow.

Since the top at 4,607 points last July, the resistances of the median corridor momentarily repelled the progressive strength of the Index.

However, with the new Monthly Set Up expired in November 2023, the U.S. market started to rise again by breaking upward the dynamic resistances inside the channel and reaching new absolute highs.

The next signals coincide with March-April 2024.

The trend remains positive and the next intermediate targets are in the area of 5,260; 5,470 and the final target in the area of 5,790 points.

A return below 4,820 points will indicate an initial phase of weakness: dynamic and static supports in the area 4,930; 4820 points.

Technical analysis American stock market quarterly

financial market today forecast merican stock exchanges
Sp500 index quarterly 14.03.24

The quarterly trend is bullish, and U.S. market prices are approaching the first resistances that form an intermediate part of the long-term corridor.

Specifically, the lows of Q1 2016, Q4 2018, and Q4 2022 were made at the base of the ascending corridor with red-colored 1X1 angles.

The very first intermediate targets of the channel are in the area of 5,490; 5,770.

The report of signals and forecasts on the American Stock Exchange is made following the Gann technique and using the Top Trader(c) stock market software.

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