Euro Dollar forecast short term trend analysis using Gann’s cycles

eur usd forecast 2021

Euro Dollar today forecasts trend technical analysis

Euro Dollar forecast short, medium and long term through the Stock Exchange cycles of the American economist William Delbert Gann.

Euro Dollar weekly analysis graphic

eur usd forecast 2021
euro dollar weekly 03.13.2021

Euro Dollar exchange short term forecast        

The bullish breach of 1,1860, occurred during the weekly Set Up of the last 13th November, has brought the single currency out of the lateral congestion level which has characterized all the period from the end of August until October 2020.

At the end of last November, the developed positivity has brought to a strong correlation of the short term returns. This correlation has shown an ascending trend until the expiry of the following temporal cycle of January 8, 2021.

The negative breach of the weekly low of last 8th January has caused the beginning of a still active correction.

At the end of February 2021, the tempt performed by Euro to conquest again the 1X1 ascending angle is failed. In the week of 5th March this fact has determined a strengthening of the correction which has brought the single currency to test the first dynamic supports, visible on the photo radiated in yellow and purple.

In the previous report, we have highlighted how the week of 19th March has represents a very important Set Up seeing that some temporal cyclical expiries converge in that week.

However, the signal doesn’t provoke any result seeing that the candle is remained Inside.

The trend remains corrective in the short term.

Let’s see in the short video here below the next price-time targets with the related resistances, the angular supports and the trend reverse points.

Eur Usd monthly forecasts          

euro dollar forecast tomorrow
euro dollar monthly 03.19.21


In the monthly time frame of Euro Dollar market is clearly visible how the new Bull Campaign is born following the Zero angular supports which are represented as yellow vectors on the photo.

The descending vectors radiated by the top of February 2018 have caused some important obstacles for the propulsive force of the single currency.

Specifically the last descending angles, the 1X8 and the 1X16 angles radiated in blue, have generated the trading range period from September-October 2020 until the top of last January at 1,2349.

Currently the medium term trend is negative, however the Zero angular obstacles will determine a strong support area between 1,1650 and 1,16.

That area could be the condition for a next Pull-back, but only at the expiry of the next temporal cycle it will possible to understand if Euro is ready for a new reverse of the dynamics.

Euro Dollar quarterly technical analysis

analysis technique euro dollar
Eur Usd quarterly 03.19.21

In the long term, the trend dynamics will be positive until Euro doesn’t reach 1,1550.

That level will determine the reverse point of the European currency trend, in negative direction.

The important obstacle in the new long term bullish phase has been the 1X4 descending angle from the top of 2008.

However, the 1X1 Zero angle and its natural Drift, both radiated in red, generate an important support to the corrective action.

Only the closure of March below 1,1570 will determine the negative breach of those supports which will bring Euro to test the next angles in area 1,1580; 1,1270.

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