Stock Market Frankfurt Index today forecasts trend and analysis May 2021

stock market forecast 2021

Stock Market Frankfurt today forecast Index 2021

Stock Market Frankfurt today forecasts, Dax Index trend, seen through the cycles of the American economist WD Gann.

Dax Index Stock Market Charts April 2021

stock market frankfurt today
Dax Index weekly 04.22.21

Frankfurt Stock Exchange weekly forecasts

From the temporal cycle that expired in the week of last November 6th, the Dax Index market has started a new driving force, which is still pushing prices towards new all-time highs.

From the Set Up of 06 November 2021, in fact, the weekly returns have had a double increase compared to the value of the natural Drift, which is highlighted by the ascending red vector radiated from the low of 30 October 2020.

The next cycle expired on January 08, 2021 has lateralized the upward trend of the previous weeks.

In the past reports we predicted that the break of the weekly top on February 26th would trigger the end of the trading range for the continuation of the positive directional phase.

In fact, from the week of March 05, the trend positively correlated returns, keeping the swing chart up for 7 weeks, until last week of April 16.

The two weekly signals of April 09-16, 2021 were both denied early this week of April 26.

The positive correlation is therefore ended and the wait is for a short correction:

first dynamic supports at 14,690; 14,400.

Only the return above 15,500 will re-establish a new short-term uptrend: dynamic resistances at 15550; 15,750 .

German Stock Exchange today: medium-term trend

stock market frankfurt
Dax Index monthly 04.22.2021

Since the Set Up of April 2020 the Dax Index market has made a large recovery.

Monthly returns were even more positive compared to weekly returns:

in fact, the prices have grown along a trajectory four times their natural rhythm.

The monthly signals of the Dax market were September 2020, in which we witnessed the first correction of the upward trend from the minimum of March 2020 and the swing generated by the monthly Set Up of November 2020.

In the new year, the subsequent signals split between January-March 2021 and in both months the trend of the Dax is showing a high driving force, so much so that the swing charts have been positive for 5 months.

The 1X1 Zero angular resistances radiated by the red colored software intercepted the bullish trajectory of the German market in April in the 15,300 area.

The effects are manifesting in these days, with a partial retracement of the candle of April 2021.

The dynamics will remain solid as long as the prices are above 13,830.

Supports in the area 14.600-14.500 and resistances at 15.300; 16,100.

Stock Exchange Dax long term

stock market today
Dax Index quarterly 04.22.2021

In the long term, the positive trend is solid and will reverse only when 11,400 is reached.

The top vector in yellow represents the median angle of the long-term ascending corridor.

Further resistances at 16,100; 19.100.

Invest in the Stock Market today

Before making an investment in the Stock Market, you must acquire all the basic principles both to identify the trend of the stock and to have a good money management strategy.

In the writings of the economist William Delbert Gann we can find 28 very simple but effective rules for a good trading.

Furthermore, for the study and analysis of a stock, an effective mathematical model is required to identify the areas of entry and exit from the market.

One of the first economists of the 1900s who associated the three dimensions of price-time-volume was Gann.

He was able to develop a linear geometric mathematical model, from which he derived the “Master Time Factor” and the temporal Set Up.

Thirty years later the economists Black and Scholes came up with a new non-linear geometric mathematical model for the pricing of Options.

Both systems provide the trader with a formidable tool for successful Stock Market investments.

The first for trading, the second for hedging.

For further information on these issues, the reader is invited to follow the free course on the Gann technique and on the Options for hedging.

The Top Trader (c) Stock Exchange software was created for the application of both theories in the trading field and is accessible from this blog.


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