Dow Jones forecast financial markets through Gann’s theory


Dow Jones forecast financial markets technical analysis through Gann’s theory

Dow Jones forecast technical analysis of the financial markets through W.D.Gann’s time cycles.

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Dow Jones Index may 2019

Dow Jones forecasts American markets medium-term technical analysis.

After a long bullish phase started in March 2016, the American market reached an important high in January 2018, breaking upwards the bullish corridor consisting of the 1 X 1 ascending corners. In the photo just above you can see the upper base red colored.

In the next phase of negative retracement quotations arrive precisely on the angular resistance that once broken has turned into support for a subsequent recovery.

In fact, Dow Jones prices has begun to resume a new driving force from May 2018. That force was exhausted during the monthly Set Up of October 2018, in the area of the previous top of January 2018, exactly at 26,951.81 level.

The time cycle of October led to a first important directional correction, which pushed prices back again to the angular support.

January of this year has showed the first over-balance of American market, with the negative infringement of dynamic support and the achievement of the next support in area 21,700.

The technical pull-back carried out since last February has led to the formation of a third top in April, with the achievement of 26.695,96.

April 2019 coincides with a double monthly Set Up, followed by Maximum Square in June.

Nowadays the achievement of 26,030 level has determined the Dow Jones medium-term inversion.

First supports at 24,800; 23,560.

Only the return above 26.720 level will re-establish a new positive lateral dynamic.

Dow Jones Quarterly Forecast

dow jones forecast
Dow Jones Index may 2019

Although Dow Jones price-time over-balance is evident, American Stock Exchange prices still fluctuate within the ascending long-term channel.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, Dow Jones index made a correction that came to a halt on the 1 X 1 ascending corners, at 21.712 level.

The next time cycle will expire in the second quarter of 2019. First supports for the correction at 22,600; 19,400. Resistances at 26,100; 27,770.

The American Stock Exchange analysis was carried out using Top Trader© Stock Exchange free software.

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