Stock exchange software to study financial markets by Gann technique: Top Trader

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Stock exchange software to study financial markets by Gann technique: Top Trader

Stock exchange software to study financial markets by Gann technique: Top trader free software online.

Stock exchange software Gann tecnique
Stock exchange software Top Trader

Stock exchange software to study financial markets by Gann technique

The “Top Trader” program is a graphical platform composed of various utilities for the study and analysis of financial trends aimed at applying the Gann technique.

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The first step in using the Top Trader online program is selecting the market to be studied using the left button Markets.

If one wants to study a particular market that is not present in the archive, one can write to forexgann by inserting the acceptance title.

The display of the time series will be in candlestick mode with a weekly time frame. Therefore if one wants to change the time display one can select the Time button and 6 different study time frames will appear.

The classic daily is called 5D in which one can see the dynamics of the markets from Monday to Friday.

Selecting the 7D will observe the market from Monday to Sunday. The two empty spaces represent Saturday and Sunday in which the markets do not do business.

The weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual can be selected.

In order to view the historical series backwards just hold down the right mouse button and scroll to the right, or for the tablet, the appropriate time bar from left to right will slide.

The historical series of the program’s markets are very accurate and take into consideration a time span of over 30 years. For the Dow Jones as early as 1900!

Once the value of 1X1 has been set, the angles of Gann can be drawn by selecting Angles.

A drop-down menu will appear with a “G” and an up or down arrow. By selecting the G with the up arrow, all the ascending angles will be drawn starting from the candle selected with the illuminated ball: the vector 1X1, 1X2, up to the vector 1X16 or 2X1, 4X1 and so on.

Through the “G” with the arrow towards the base the descending angles can be drawn.

To start studying a market through the Gann technique, you must first realize how many points, dollars or euros, the market is advancing or decreasing for each unit of time, expressed in days, weeks, months or years (1X1 vector).

I advise you to read the manual of the Gann technique “The Mathematical Mathematical Mechanics of the financial markets”.

This work will help you to understand what are the angles of Gann and the “Zero” angles, how to use them, how to calculate the time cycles, how to study the third dimension and the trigonometric functions, apply the “Top Trader” software and much other!

If there is still availability and you have not read it yet you can take it directly on the blog!

book on trading online
The Mathematical Geometric Machanism of the stock markets




Top traders and Gann’s angles.

In the “Angles” menu it is possible to select zero angles in the same way as before by calculating the “turning points” of the market.

Zero angles Top trader

Once the time cycle has been calculated using the Gann technique, it can be analyzed using the “Square” function. In the white box next to the orange panel, you can write the value of the calculated side of the square, for example 100.

Then press the “Draw” function. As you can see in the drop-down menu, it is possible to delete the square using “Delete”, or select the internal sectors, either quarter or third. By selecting “Angle” we can choose to display all or some of the vectors within the chosen Square.

Stock Exchange Software : Top Trader ver. 2.0

Once the study is finished, using the “Option” button the file can be saved in a PC folder and reloaded in the future using the “Load” button. In automatic the saving operation will take place in the download folder. For those who use the Firefox browser they can use the “Save to disk” button, to save it in a desired folder.

In version 1.2  the same studies of the candelstick on the closures can be faced. In this mode it will be possible to determine the points of “gravity” in which prices will alternate from a specific range. (see page 52)

In this version on the right side of the “Time” button you can see an upper-lower dart that will allow a menu change in order to access new functions.

“Gmax Var”, allows to select any point in Cartesian coordinates or in the values of the time series in order to trace the angles of Gann, and to be able to visualize a horizontal line in which the “Zero” angles intersect this line and resume the descending course. This function will determine new Set Ups, supports and geometric resistances.



Gann’s cycles



Gann’s cycles


In the part below the chart two series of price and price readings can be seen: one indicates the values of the candle on the historical series (history price), the other the value on the cursor in the Cartesian space (cross price). In this version the illumination of the current candle has been added through a vertical gray beam. This illumination can also be noticed by moving in the future with the keyboard darts.

Other versions will follow 2.0, with the addition of new functions such as trigonometric, planetary, third-dimensional analysis, and automatic trading.

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