Euro Dollar exchange forecast technical analysis to 28-08-2020

eur usd forecast by gann's tecnique

Euro Dollar exchange forecast through Gann’s cycles

Euro Dollar exchange forecast through the trading technique of the American economist W.D. Gann.

eur usd forecast today
Euro Dollar weekly 08.21.20

Short term Euro Dollar exchange forecasts today

Following the temporal signal of March 2020, many times indicated in the previous articles, Euro Dollar market has have an important change in the dynamics of short and medium-long term.

In effect, despite the formation of a bearish out-side and the formation of a further accumulation area between 1,10 and 1,06 area in the period between late March and half May last, the progressive force generated from weekly Set Up of 29th May 2020 has determined the end of the lateral phase.

In effect the 1X4 descendent angular resistances visible on the screen in purple has initially pushed away the bullish attack in area 1,1490 and 1,1430, for being definitely broken upwards in the following signal indicated in the previous report, that is the week of 10th July 2020.

The weekly Set Up of July has determined the timing in which the European currency has released a powerful propulsive force which has pushed the single currency in area 1,19 at the end of July.

As we can observe in the photo, both the static octave radiated in yellow and the 1X8 descending angle blue colored seems to have blocked temporary the ascending run of Euro.

However we need to underline that there were two weeks of inside and during the temporal signal of 21st August Euro has broken upwards the previous weekly top, although the closure has been weak at 1,1764.

In the short video the levels in which the market will confirm its short time positivity are underlined, with new price-time targets, and, in case of negative violation, the levels of the various angular supports.

Medium term Eur Usd forecast

euro dollar exchange forecast
Euro dollar monthly 08.21.20

After the Set Up of March, the next price-time signal is expired the last July.

In that month we have witnessed as the propulsive push of the European currency has definitely abandoned the 1X4 descending angular resistances to reach the following dynamic resistances in area 1,1960, as expected by the previous articles.

In August, Euro has broken upwards the top of July, indicated the will of reaching new price-time targets in area 1,20; 1,24.

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