Euro Dollar exchange forecast – technical analysis trend at February 2021

euro dollar analysis technique today

Euro Dollar exchange forecast 2021 trend and technical analysis

Euro Dollar exchange forecast and technical analysis with the Stock Exchange cycles of the economist William Delbert Gann.

Eur Usd forecast today: technical graphic

euro dollar exchange forecast 2021
euro dollar weekly 01.29.21

Euro Dollar trend in the short term

The Euro Dollar market since the middle of last May has started a bullish dynamics both in the short and in the long term.

From the photo just above we can see how the prices of the European currency have been circumscribed by the weekly ascending channel formed by the 1X1 angles, visible in red.

Although there have been several descending dynamic resistances visible with the 1X4 purple and 1X8 – 1X16 blue colored descending vectors, the dynamics of the European currency have not undergone major changes.

The most complex period that has gone through the evolution of the prices of the single currency was between the end of August and the middle of last November.

In fact, it can be noted that in concomitance with the descending blue vector, the weekly returns underwent attenuations, with the formation of a partial distribution.

The over-balance created in this period is mostly generated on the temporal dimension rather than on that of prices.

In fact, the correction that began at the end of September was blocked by the base of the ascending corridor which formed the premises for a new positive phase of the Euro.

In particular, it was the weekly Sets Up of November 6-13 that started a new cyclical phase, which led the currency to break the angular resistance.

The new positive trend lasted until the expiry of the last Minimum Square of 8 January 2021.

In fact, the following week we witnessed a partial weakening of the prices, with the achievement of dynamic support at 1.2056.

The week of January 29 coincided with a new cyclical deadline and therefore, based on the price output next week, we will be able to have greater clarity on the new short-term dynamics of the European currency.

Let’s observe in the short video the reversal points of the trend, with the various levels of resistance and angular supports.

Euro Dollar exchange forecast in the medium term

euro dollar forecast 2021
euro dollar monthly 01.29.21

In the monthly analysis of the Euro Dollar we can observe how the Zero angular ascending vectors, irradiated with yellow color, provided the basis for the restart of the trend.

The first major setback of the currency was during the September 2020 Set Up.

On this occasion, together with the visible resistance in blue, the single currency generated a bearish out-side.

Only the recent temporal cycle of December 2020 has reversed the effects of this negative cycle, pushing prices to the next resistance in the 1.22 area.

However, the trend is still positive, despite the weak January close.

Only the return below 1.1890 will re-establish a new medium-term weakness.

Supports at 1.2450; resistances in the area 1.2430.

Euro Dollar quarterly technical analysis

euro dollar forecast today
euro dollar quarterly 29.01.21

The long-term dynamics of the positive Euro Dollar.

In this precise temporal context, prices are affected by the 1X4 descending dynamic resistance in the 1.2170 area.

Next resistances 1.2880.

Use the Top Trader© software to apply the Gann technique

The Top Trader© software was created with the intention of correctly applying the theory of the US economist in the studies and analysis of financial markets.

In the presentation of this report, this program available online was used.

Both corners, static levels, squares and Set Up have been obtained thanks to this software.

In the Gann technique, the use of Plain Vanilla Call and Put Options, as a derivative instrument for hedging, is also of great importance.

The computer program has a section dedicated to the pricing of the Options thanks to the Black Scholes Merton formulas.

In addition, the software is equipped with a graphic part to illustrate the payoffs at maturity and day by day, thanks to the use of the Greek.


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