Market trading online today American Stock Exchange S&P 500 forecast

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Market trading online: financial markets today American Stock Exchange Indices

Market trading online: financial markets today – American Stock Exchange S&P 500 Indices forecasts and analysis through the technique of W.D. Gann.

Stock Exchange analysis technical Indices S&P 500 graphics

market trading online sp500 index
sp500 Index monthly 02.02.2021

Market trading online today – S&P 500 mid-term forecast

Since September 2009 the American Stock Exchange S&P 500 Index has started a Bull-Campaign which in this historical period is evolving into the last stage of progress with a strong positive acceleration.

In particular, the progressive dynamics of the American Index are circumscribed within an ascending channel, described in the 1X2 angles, radiated by the software in yellow color.

In fact we can see in the first photo above how the dynamic vectorial support described the corridor base, rejecting the negative retracement in October 2011, June – November 2012, September 2015 and more recently December 2018.

The movement that started in January 2019 also had its maximum in February 2020 on the 1X2 Zero ascending angle, always in yellow, and ended in March 2020 on the following Zero angle which constituted the lower tolerance of the bullish corridor.

Since April 2020, we have seen a strong positive acceleration of the S&P 500 Index.

Monthly returns went from 32 to 128 points a month.

The powerful upward phase of the months following May 2020 was not followed by proportional trading volumes and Open-Interest, as illustrated in the second photo just above.

March-April 2021 coincide with the expiration of important temporal cycles in the S&P 500 Index market.

Upcoming resistances in the area 4.050 – 4.180.

Only the return below 3.630 would signal a first phase of weakness.

First supports at 3,530 points.

S&P 500 today: long-term trend

stock market forecast 2021
sp500 index quarterly 02.02.2021

Even in the long run, the ascending corridor described by the vector angles is visible together with the 1X2 Zero angle.

The latter support rejected the long-term corrective trend both the last quarter of 2008, December 2011 and the first quarter of 2020.

In the third quarter of 2020, the trend of the American index has again reversed in a positive direction.

Next resistances are placed on the upper part of the corridor at 4,280 points.

Only the return below the 3,200 point level would bring a new corrective trend in the medium and long term. First supports in the area 3,400 points.

Trading online Stock Exchange through Top Trader© software

The Master Time Factor discovered by the American economist William Delbert Gann represents one of the milestones in the temporal-cyclical analysis of a financial market.

The Top Trader© software has been designed to correctly apply the Gann technique.

The trader will be able to plot the temporal cycles, or the Gann Squares, the various angles or vectors according to a precise price-time ratio.

Additional signals can be obtained with new utilities using market trigonometry studies.

In addition, Plain Vanilla Options can be used both for Hedging and for speculating directly on the financial markets.

The program allows to have an accurate pricing score thanks to Black and Scholes formulas and to the volatility curves that can be applied on the various strike price levels.

The graphic pay-off represents not only the expiry results but also the day by day results until the Option expires.

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