Euro Dollar exchange forecast today Forex strategies 2021

eur usd forecast 2021

Euro Dollar exchange forecast today Forex strategies through Gann’s cycles

Euro Dollar exchange forecast tomorrow technical analysis in the short and medium term through the economic theory of the famous trader (W.D. Gann)

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euro dollar exchange forecast 2021
euro dollar weekly 03.05.21

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The lateral phase of the period between the end of August and the end of the last October has brought back the quotations of the European currency on the Natural Drift, which has been radiated by the Stock Exchange software with a red vector in ascending direction.

The Euro Dollar market from the weekly Set Up of 06-13 November 2020 restored a new bullish trend in the short and medium term.

The positive weekly returns have been correlated until the weekly Set Up expired on January 8, 2021.

In the following weeks we have observed how the short term trend of Euro Dollar has inverted, reaching the first 1X2 ascending angular support, visible in the photo as a yellow ascending vector originating from the minimum of September 25, 2020.

This vector has permitted to the currency market to make a bounce, most of all thanks to the two weekly Set Ups of 19-26 February 2021.

However, the last week we have assisted to the deny of the positive pull-back confirmed not only by the negative infraction of the minimum of the candles of 19-26 February 2021 but also of the weekly minimum of February 5, 2021.

The negative situation of the single currency will last in the long term or will be a momentary correction?

Let’s see in the short video the reverse points of the Euro Dollar trend with the price-time targets, the supports and the dynamic resistances.

Euro Dollar trend 2021

euro dollar forecast today
euro dollar monthly march 2021

The Zero angular supports have been important because they have supported the medium term Up trend in 2020.

They are visible as yellow ascending vectors which have restarted the Bullish Campaign of Euro Dollar since last March.

The last temporal signals described in the previous reports have been December 2020, January 2021 and March 2021.

Although there was an important restart last December, in February 2021 we have assisted to the first weakness of the Euro Dollar trend.

In fact the quotations have broken the monthly low of January, giving the impression of a potential future reverse.

In March we have assisted to a confirmation of the negativity with the deny of the low also in December 2020.

However, the corrective course of the single currency is going to reach the Zero angular supports previously mentioned.

The last Zero dynamic angle is in the price-time area of 1,16 in March.

The area of 1,16 also correspond to the minimal level of trading range before the positive restart of the Euro last December and constitutes an important level of static supports.

Euro Dollar exchange forecasts 2021

analysis technical eur usd 2021
euro dollar quarterly march 2021

The trend of the Euro Dollar market in the long term is still strongly positive.

The quotations, even after the correction in course, are still on the natural price-time ratio and on the 1X1 Zero angle radiated in red by Top Trader© Software.

The 1X4 resistance angle descending from the top of the third quarter of 2008, colored in purple, has generated the long term dynamic resistance in area 1,2350.

In the long term a bullish break of this quarterly resistance is expected, with a target in area 1,38.

However, the return below 1,1550 level would compromise this positive long term framework.

Supports in area 1,16.

The importance of a professional software for Forex Euro Dollar

Studying the Euro Dollar market it is easy to understand that the distribution of the returns is not log-normal but it presents strong tails.

An technological professional support allows to use of the curve of the implied volatility of the Options through the use of particular algorithms.

This application gives an optimal protection against financial shocks and allows to be always present on the market.

The Top Trader© Software has been studied to allow the application of the theory of the American economist William Delbert Gann.

However in the last years the Stock Exchange Software has been enriched of applications which allow to use the Call and Put Options in a professional way.

It is possible to observe the various pay-offs both at maturity and with the use of the Greeks.

This information permit to do some stress tests at the operative strategy, both changing the residual life of the Option and changing he volatility.

Stock Exchange Software Tutorial to learn how to use it

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