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Euro Dollar exchange forecasts today medium and long term trend

Euro Dollar exchange forecast today: technical analysis through the temporal cycles of the American economist W.D. Gann.

Eur Usd forecast: technical graphic

eur usd forecast 2021
euro dollar weekly 12.18.20

Euro Dollar exchange forecast in the short term

Following the expiry of the temporal cycle expired in March 2020, the trend of the Euro Dollar market has undergone an important change in the short, medium and long term.

After a period of trading range between the week of March 27 and that of May 22, the dynamics of the European currency has resumed the bullish trend, managing in several circumstances to have weekly returns double compared to the natural growth determined by the 1X1 angle.

As shown in the photo above, the 1X1 ascending angle is radiated in red by the Top Trader© software.

The various descending angular resistances described with half-lines of various colors, have all been broken upwards by the driving force of the single currency.

The 1X4 descending vector of purple color, radiated from the top of February 2018, has hindered the positive trend both in the week of March 13 and in the period 19-06/10-07-20.

However, at the expiry of the weekly Set Up on 17-07-20, the Euro accelerated the bullish trend reaching the subsequent 1X8 dynamic obstacle descending in the 1.21 area in early September.

After a brief distribution, the temporal cycle that expired on 25 September has brought the values ​​of the price-time ratio back to the natural drift, in area 1.16.

Although at first the negative force unleashed by this Set Up at the end of September has led to a correction of the currency, at a later time the corrective action affected the time dimension more than the price dimension.

Indeed, the laterality continued until early November between the values ​​of 1.1870 and 1.16.

The trading range ran out with the bullish out-side in the week of November 6th.

Subsequently, various weekly Sets Up have followed in the latest reports which confirmed the positive recovery of the Euro.

With the definitive breach of the 1X8 descending angular resistance, drawn in blue, the trend has again accelerated the short-term phase.

The last minimum square expired in the week of 11 December ended inside, while last week the Euro confirmed the weekly positivity.

Let’s see in the short video the next price-time targets, resistances and angular supports.

Euro Dollar exchange forecast trend in the medium term

euro dollar forecast 2021
euro dollaro monthly 12.18.20

The effects of the monthly Set Up expired in March are clearly visible in the graph just above.

A large candle with high volumes, volatility and increase in Open Interest.

The next price-time signal is expired in July 2020.

Even in this context, the market accelerated the propulsive force, bringing the Euro in the following period to area 1.21.

Zero angles were also very important, as the price-time reaction in the 1.07-1.06 area was very relevant.

These ascending vectors, yellow in the photo, have determined the greatest support for the dynamics of the Euro at the beginning of this year.

The last cycle expiring is December, the month in which prices confirmed the positive medium-term trend.

Euro Dollar 2021 forecasts

analysis tecnique euro dollar
euro dollar yearly 12.18.20

2020 and 2021 are the years in which significant temporal signals expire in the Euro Dollar market for the next five years.

As can be seen on the graph, this year the Euro confirmed the recovery that had begun in 2017, but which in 2018 and 2019 had been stopped.

The 1X4 support angle, irradiated with a purple color, also supported the Euro this year.

The bullish breach of the 2020 top in 2021 will further confirm the long-term positive technical picture.

Resistances: 1,25; 1,40.

Supports: 1,1460.

Options trading and cyclical analysis software

Those who study a historical series of a market in a technical manner, in the various time frames, will necessarily have to take into account the various time cycles that the American economist William Delbert Gann called the Master Time Factor.

Top Trader© software was conceived to apply the theory of W.D. Gann in all its aspects, and in particular the Squares of Gann both with natural cycles and with dynamic cycles.

The US trader in his trades also used Put and Call options both as a speculative means and for hedging.

Today, thanks to the application of Black Scholes Merton’s partial derivative formulas, we can have a greater understanding of these derivative products, especially in the choice of type, strike price and quantity.

In the Top Trader© software it is possible to have a graphical and mathematical simulation in carrying out a trading operation protected by this derivative, taking into account the various volatility models.

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