Euro Dollar forecast 2021 Forex technical analysis with Gann’s technique

eur usd forecast tomorrow

Euro Dollar forecast 2021 Forex technical analysis short and medium term

Euro Dollar forecast 2021 in medium and short term seen with the technique of the American analyst W.D. Gann.

Eur Usd forecasts today: technical graphic in the short term

eur usd forecast 2021
Euro Dollar weekly 01.01.21

Eur Usd weekly forecast

From the week of Set Up of 22-29 May, the Euro Dollar market has acquired a marked positive directionality, which it maintained, although with alternating phases, throughout the year.

In the weeks preceding the end of May, the dynamics of the European currency had attempted a first bullish attack which was rejected by the 1X4 descending angular resistances with origin the weekly top of 16 February 2018.

This dynamic obstacle, radiated by the Top Trader© software in purple color, was broken upwards later, in the week of July 17, 2020.

As we can see on the graph, the Drift of the single currency radiated in red has built a valid angular support for the entire Bull-Campaign in progress.

However, the weekly return of the Euro is not striking: only in some circumstances did it reach the 2X1 value to return to its 1X1.

This is mainly due to the latest dynamic obstacles which have not allowed the full expansion of the driving force of the currency.

The 1X8 descending angle radiated in blue in conjunction with the time cycles of 4 September and 25 September has again blocked the Euro’s upward trend, generating a regular Flat.

The lateral phase generated had a strong negative impact on volatility (Vega) and on the temporal effect (Theta) which generated important attenuations on the protective power on the Put purchased.

Vertical spreads opened to protect long futures were found to have a lower negative impact, but also on this occasion they suffered not a little.

The bullish out-side in the week of November 6 and the temporal cycle of November 13 resolved the persistent laterality with the new positive phase that led the single currency to break the 1X8 descending angle in the 1.1860 area.

The recent weekly Set Up on December 18th gave a new positive impetus to the currency dynamics which, however, was again held back by the 1X16 descending resistance as visible on the technical chart just above.

Let’s see in the short video what the next price-time targets, resistances and dynamic supports of the Euro Dollar will be.

Euro Dollar trend in the medium term

Euro Dollar forecast 2021
Euro Dollar monthly 01.01.21

The March 2020 Set Up kicked off the new Euro Dollar Bull-Campaign.

Although this Price-Time crossing generated a bearish out-side, the yellow-radiated Zero 1X2 angles absorbed the negativity of early 2020 to give space for a new positive season.

The 1X8 descending dynamic obstacle and the September 2020 Set Up were important obstacles to the upward dynamic of the Euro.

However, during the expiry of the temporal cycles of November and December 2020, the market has recovered positively.

The medium-term trend is bullish and the first resistances are located in the 1.2425 area.

Euro Dollar technical analysis in the long term

analysis tecnique euro dollar
euro dollar quarterly 01.01.21

The 1X1 Zero angle reversed the Euro Dollar trend in a positive sense in the third quarter of 2020.

The long-term trend is positive and the first resistances are placed at 1.2140; 1.2790.

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