Euro Dollar forecast today Eur Usd 2021 trend with Gann’s cycles

eur usd forecast 2021

Euro Dollar forecast today technical analysis 2021

Euro Dollar forecast today Forex analysis 2021 through the theory of the American economist William Delbert Gann.

Euro Dollar technical analysis graphic

eur usd forecast 2021
euro dollar weekly 01.08.21

Eur Usd exchange forecast today

In the Euro Dollar market, the first quarter of 2020 is characterized by the birth of a new bullish phase both in the short and in the long term.

From the weekly top of February 16, 2018, the various dynamic descending vectors has hindered the Euro’s bullish trend on several occasions.

In particular, the 1X4 descending angle, radiated by the Top Trader © software visible in purple on the slide, rejected the first bullish attack of the week of March 20 and the following in the week of June 12 last.

As extensively commented in the previous articles of this blog, the Set Up weekly of 10 – 17 July last allowed the bullish breach of this dynamic obstacle, which pushed the European currency to reach the upper resistance.

In fact, the single currency with a weekly return double compared to the natural drift has reached the following angular obstacle in the area of ​​1.20 at the end of August.

Also in this case the Euro market has started a negative lateral phase.

In fact, we can see the numerous failed attempts of the single currency to break this dynamic resistance visible in blue, but the 1X1 ascending angle in red still supported the up-trend.

The bullish out-side of the week of November 6 and the temporal cycle that expired the following week restored the short-term positive momentum.

Also in this case, the returns were so strong that the Euro currency reached the 1.23 area at the end of December, on the new 1X16 descending angle, visible in the more light blue color.

It is in the last few weeks that the trend has paused sideways and closed weakly in the last cycle expiring in the week of 8 January 2021.

We observe in the short video the next price-time targets with dynamic supports and resistances.

Eur Usd exchange medium term trend

eur usd forecast tomorrow
euro dollar monthly 01.08.21

After the first medium-term bullish cycle in the period December 2016 – February 2018, the Euro Dollar market has generated a negative lateral dynamics, which pushed the prices on the 1X8 and 1X16 angular support in the 1.06 – 1.07 area.

From the Set Up of March 2020, the European currency restarted a medium-term bullish phase.

In fact, the Zero 1X2 angles, visible in yellow, together with the March and July 2020 Set Up has generated the start of a new Bull-campaign.

Although the various descending angular resistances have attempted to slow the positive run, the Euro in the latest signal of December is further accelerating positive directionality with new price-time targets.

The next resistances are placed in the area 1.2423, next 1.3140.

Only the return below 1.1890 will reverse the current trend.

Eur Usd exchange forecasts 2021 in the long term

euro dollar forecast today
euro dollar quarterly 0.08.21

The long-term trend is solidly positive.

The market is currently testing the descending resistances in the 1.22 zone.

Additional objectives in the 1.2860 area; 1.40.

How to trade using Options

One of the most important derivatives instrument for Hedging are Plain Vanilla Call and Put Options.

Thanks to the use of the Top Trader© software, it is possible to simulate the right strategy with the purchase or sale of Call and Put Options.

In particular, for the Vertical or Diagonal Spread strategies it will be important to be able to understand how the action of volatility (Vega) and time (Theta) affect the Delta of the Option and therefore the premium itself.

Thanks to the various volatility models and temporal simulations, we will be able to have the day-to-day Payoff of the strategy used, not only in relation to portfolio protection, but also to speculate directly with Options.

See the tutorial of the Options panel.


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