Euro Dollar forecast 2021 technical analysis in the short and medium term

euro dollar forecast today

Euro Dollar forecast 2021 technical analysis and Gann’s cycles

Euro Dollar forecast 2021 in the short and medium term through the theory of the American economist W.D. Gann.

Euro Dollar technical graphic

eur usd forecast 2021
Euro Dollar weekly 01.15.21

Euro Dollar forecast tomorrow: short term

In the weeks of Set Up Weekly of 22-29 May 2020, the Euro Dollar market came out of the lateral phase and started the new Bull-campaign still in progress in the first half of January 2021.

The driving force allowed the Euro to systematically violate all the dynamic resistances radiated by the weekly top of February 16, 2018.

The 1X4 descending vector, radiated in purple color, hindered the upward trend in the week of March 27 and subsequently in the week of June 12, 2020.

Although these angular vectors or price-time ratios have generated a temporary attenuation of returns, the successive temporal cycles that have followed have shown the strength of the positive trend.

Indeed, during the Set Up of 10-17 July 2020, the market broke the 1X4 descending angle to the upside, causing the prices to direct towards the next radial obstacle.

The 1X8 angle, radiated in blue, has slowed the up-trend again, resulting in a persistent trading range.

In September, the single currency prices reached the 1X1 upward angle, to resume the bullish run in November.

The temporal cycle, which expired on November 27, has triggered a new positive acceleration, doubling the value of weekly returns.

The European currency continued its positive run, until reaching the next Set Up, Minimum Square of 8 January 2021.

Last week we saw the negative breach of this short-term signal, but does this mean that the Euro will start to correct violently?

We observe in the short video the next price-time targets, the trend reversal points, the dynamic supports and resistances.

Euro Dollar trend in the medium term

euro dollar forecast 2021
euro dollar monthly 01.15.21

As can be seen in the photo above, the Euro Dollar market has started a positive phase in the medium term.

The start determined by the yellow radiated Zero angles together with the monthly Set Up in March have produced a new positive season for the Euro currency.

The monthly Set Ups that followed were:

July 2020, in which we witnessed a positive acceleration of the upward phase;

September 2020, in which the dynamics lateralized negatively until November;

in the monthly set up of December 2020, the single currency managed to abandon the 1X8 descending angle, to reach the 1X16 angle in the 1.2350 area.

Therefore the medium-term trend is positive.

Only the return below 1.19 will reverse the dynamics in place.

Euro Dollar quarterly exchange forecast

analysis tecnique euro dollar
euro dollar quarterly 01.15.21

The long-term trend is positive, although in this temporal context the Euro has reached the 1X4 downward angle, visible in purple, which is temporarily holding back the upward movement.

Only the return below 1.1550 will generate a pause in the positive trend. Next resistance area 1.28.

Visualize a temporal cycle through the Gann technique

Price-time dynamics develop in precise time frames that can be Dynamic and/or Permanent in the theory of the American economist W.D. Gann.

The Top Trader© software allows you to view these time periods, within which you can identify the time Set Up.

This video shows how to irradiate a Gann Square and obtain the Set Ups, which will determine the future reversals of the market trend.

See Gann Squares

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