Euro Dollar forecast exchange technical analysis 2021 through Gann cycle

forex forecast euro dollar

Euro Dollar forecast – Stock Exchange cycles’ analysis 2021

Euro Dollar forecast exchange analysis in the short and medium term through the temporal cycles of the American economist William Delbert Gann.

Euro Dollar exchange forecast: weekly technical graphic

eur usd forecast 2021
euro dollar weekly 01.22.21

Euro Dollar forecast in the short term

The Minimum Square, which expired in the week of 29 May 2020, the Euro Dollar market has started a new upward phase, both in the short, medium and long term.

The positive trend in the short term has undergone moments of stoppage, in the various time frame levels, but only temporarily, cause today we are still within the Bull-Campaign.

In previous reports we have commented how the 1X4 angular resistances descending from the top of February 2018, visible in purple color, have been broken upwards in the weekly Set Up of 10 July 2020.

At the end of this temporal cycle, the market accelerated the propulsive phase creating double returns compared to the natural Drift.

The next obstacle that the European currency had to face was the 1X8 descending angle from the top of February 2018, which is irradiated in blue in the photo.

Although this vector is not statistically the strongest among the various price-time ratios, the market in that period suffered the expiration of several weekly Set Up.

It was indeed the combination of both factors that generated a partial distribution.

The trend generated between the end of August and the end of September was therefore lateral negative and culminated in the week of 30 October 2020.

In the first weeks of November, in particular at the end of the Minimum and Range Square time cycles, we witnessed the restart of the positive phase of the single currency.

The trend dynamics had an important positive acceleration, generating returns on the 2X1 vector, irradiated in yellow by the Top Trader© software.

As we have seen, the short-term trend reached its peak in the week of 8 January 2021 at 1.2349.

The week following Jan 22, the dynamics was lateral negative, but we saw a slight positive pull-back as we reached the 1X1 angular support at 1.2050.

In the week of January 29, the Euro Dollar market coincides with the expiry of ½ Square of the 90 weeks, a very important cycle in the Natural or Permanent periods.

We will also be able to witness an important surprise.

Let’s look at the short video in which the next price-time target is indicated with the relative supports and resistances.

Euro Dollar trend 2021 in the medium term

euro dollar analysis technique
euro dollar monthly 01.22.21

As anticipated in the short-term description, the September 2020 monthly Set Up is the one that has the greatest complexity in the context of the dynamics of the single currency, especially for traders who speculated in that period.

In fact, the 1X8 descending angle of blue color in conjunction with the expiry of this time cycle which expired last September, has resulted in the birth of a bearish out-side.

This highly negative signal found its resultant in the dimension of time rather than price.

In fact, the subsequent candles of October and November ended inside and only with the expiry of the next price-time signal in December the market accelerate the upward phase again.

Currently the trend is positive and only the return below 1.1890 would restore a new negative trend in the medium term.

Eur Usd forecast quarterly

Euro Dollar forecast exchange analysis
euro dollar quarterly 01.22.21

The long-term dynamics are positive, although at this juncture the most important obstacle is the 1X4 descending angle, visible in the photo with the purple vector in the area 1.22.

Only the return below 1.1550 would indicate the return of a corrective phase in the dynamics of the single currency.

Next resistance area 1.28.

Euro Dollar Hedging techniques with the right implied volatility curve

One of the biggest difficulties in establishing the right price level in Call and Put options lies in giving the right implied volatility score for the strike-price of that specific market.

The Top Trader© software allows you to attribute the volatility percentage tick value to each option base strike.

In this way it is possible to obtain a truthful daily pay-off, being able to carry out stress-testing operations in hedging strategies with options.

The Top Trader© software was born as a graphic and analytical IT support to help the trader correctly apply Gann techniques and Hedging strategies with options.


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