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Market trading online:Dax Index technical analysis 

Market trading online German Stock Exchange forecasts 2021 today in the short and long term through the temporal cycles and the technique of the economist W.D. Gann.

Stock Exchange Frankfurt graphic

market trading online dax forecast
dax Index weekly 01.06.21

Short-term forecast of Dax Stock Exchange Index

The year 2020 was a very special period for the German stock exchange, not so much for the reasons triggered by the Covid pandemic, but for the broad return of positive or negative prices in the various time frames.

Although external shocks lead to major volatility spikes, large excursions in price dynamics occur cyclically.

This period of late 2019, early 2020 coincided with the expiry of the 90-year cycle from the crack of ’29, which in turn derives from important previous time cycles.

Although with different reasons, when we find ourselves in periods of completion of long-term cycles such as that of 45 years (from 1929 to 1974) and 90 years, strong changes are systematically observed in stock market returns.

In the weekly period from February 21 to March 20 of 2020, the Dax Index went from 13,795 to 8,255, generating an acceleration of returns 8 times the natural rate of growth.

In the restart phase after 20 March, returns compared to the correction were half and on some occasions a quarter.

In fact, from the candle of March 20 on the technical chart just above you can see the 2X1 yellow vector and how the prices of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange have always been above this vector.

Only at the end of July we have seen a slowdown in the upward run, with the return last October to the natural Drift, radiated in red color.

However, during the weekly Set Ups of 06-11 November, the German market reversed the negative direction to return to the 1X8, 1X16 angular resistances, radiated by the weekly top of 21 February 2020.

The achievement of the area of ​​these resistances coincided with the weekly top of 4 September and with the expiry of the temporal cycle of the Minimum Square which took place in the week of 11 December 2020.

Also in this case the market returned to the 1X1 angle (red vector in the photo above) which provided valid support for the restart.

The corrections are surprisingly very small and the return to its natural growth average always offers new ideas for positive acceleration.

The next time cycles will expire between 15-22 January 2021.

The trend is positive and the static resistances are in the area of ​​14,290; 14,400; subsequent 15,500; 15,700.

Medium-term forecast of German Stock Exchange Index

stock market forecast today
dax Index monthly 21.06.21

As can be seen in the graphic just above, the 1X1 Zero angular support, visible at the bottom in red, blocked the corrective trend of March 2020.

From 8,255, the Dax index has accelerated positively, reaching the natural Drift radiated from March 2009 in July 2020 at 12,300 points.

Both the top of July and the top of September 2020 coincided with the 1X1 Zero ascending angle, also irradiated in red by the Top Trader© software.

Also in this case the main swings were performed precisely at the expiration of the dynamic Set Up: Maximum Square for September 2020 and Minimum Square for November 2020.

The month of December has confirmed the Up trend of the temporal cycle that expired last November.

Next price-time signal: February 2021.

Quarterly Stock Exchange forecast

dax index forecast 2021
dax Quarterly 01.15.21

The bullish out-side performed in the last quarter of 2020 was very important in restoring the long-term bullish trend.

The trend is positive and is developing along the partial ascending corridor outlined by the 1X2 yellow angles.

The next resistances are located in the 15,050 area; 15,800 points

Only the return below the 11,400 level would restore a new long-term corrective trend: first supports at 12,440.

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