Euro Dollar exchange Forex forecasts: December 2020 with Gann’s cycles

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Euro Dollar exchange Forex forecasts December 2020

Euro Dollar exchange forecasts, technical analysis Forex through the temporal cycles of the American economist William Delbert Gann.

Euro Dollar exchange forecasts Graphic 2020

Euro Dollar exchange forecasts
Euro Dollar weekly 11.27.20

Euro Dollar exchange forecasts today: short term

Following the monthly Set Up of March 2020 and the lateral phase in the weekly period of March 27 to May 22, the European currency has triggered an upward directional trend.

From the temporal cycle that expired in the weeks of May 22-29, the Euro Dollar market has increased trading volumes and Open Interest, generating positive returns well above its drift.

In the directional ascending dynamics, the Euro has encountered a first 1X4 descendent angular resistance that the software has radiated with a purple color.

Indeed, it can be seen in the photo just above how the price-time ratios in mid-June have attenuated the weekly returns, forming a first lateral area of short term.

The weekly Set Up of 10-17 July has accelerated the positive phase of the Euro. It allowed to break the dynamic obstacle and bring the single currency to the next 1X8 descending angular resistance of blue color on the slide.

Towards the middle of August the single currency has begun a positive lateral trend which is culminated with the weekly high of 4 September at 1.2011.

The positive lateral phase has given way to a more markedly lateral period, which has produced continuous bullish and bearish breaks, without indicating any directionality.

The bullish out-side of November 6th and the bullish breach of the following week has effectively restored a new momentum in the European currency.

A new weekly Set Up expires next week.

Let’s see in the short video the next price-time targets, resistances and angular supports.

Euro Dollar medium term trend

euro dollar forecast tomorow
euro dollar monthly 11.27.20

The Zero 1X2 ascending angles radiated by the software in yellow, have blocked the negative lateral phase of the period February-March 2020.

In the temporal Sets Up that has followed, the Euro Dollar has intensified the bullish trend until reaching the September 2020 cycle.

In that month the European currency has formed a bearish out-side, in conjunction with the 1X8 descending dynamic resistance, effectively blocking the positive trend.

However, the stop of the dynamics did not produce an impressive corrective force, but a lateral trend.

The next expiring cycle is December 2020.

The breach of the November top indicates the resumption of the bullish phase: first resistances 1.2180 – 1.22.

Euro Dollar exchange forecasts in the long term

forex euro dollar forecast
euro dollar quarterly 11.26.20

The long-term trend was not affected by the negative cycle in September.

The trend remains steadily bullish: resistance 1.2214; 1.2660.

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