German Stock Exchange forecasts today Dax Index analysis December 20

dax index forecast today

German Stock Exchange forecasts today – Frankfurt Index trend December 2020

German Stock Exchange forecasts today short and medium term through the temporal cycles and the technique of the American economist W.D. Gann.

Stock Exchange forecasts today – technical graphic in the short term

market trading online Dax Index
dax index weekly 11.26.2020

Stock Exchange today: Dax Index analysis in the short term

The weekly returns of the German Stock Exchange, after the sharp correction of the period February-March 2020, have had a marked positivity.

As shown in the photo just above, the red-radiated upward vector of the week of March 20 represents the natural rate of growth of the Dax Index and is named 1X1 angle.

While the yellow vector with the same origin represents twice the values ​​or price-time ratio compared to the red one.

For several weeks following the low of March 20 this year, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has performed well above the 2X1 vector value shown above, which in various circumstances proved to be dynamic support.

Furthermore, we can see that the short-term bullish trend has paused in the first weeks of June, then the reaching of the descending dynamic resistances from the yellow colored February top (1X2 descending).

In fact, it was in the summer period that the upward race has begun to slow down, with the following weekly highs on July 24 and September 4 in the area of ​​13,300, 13,450 points.

The partial distribution of the weekly period from 24 July to 23 October has ended with a correction that led the Dax Index to test area 11,400, the 1X2 descending angular support with origin the weekly top of 21 February 2020.

During the expiration of the temporal Set Up of November 6th, Square of Range, and November 13th, Minimum Square, the Dax Index has indicated a new direction of travel.

The corrective force of the weekly temporal signal of September 4th and October 16th has been completely exhausted due to space for a new propulsive dynamic.

In fact, in just two weeks, prices has reached the highs of last September.

Strong weekly positive returns of four times the natural drift has confirmed the short-term upward trend.

First static resistances at 13,795, dynamic in the area of ​​14,000 points.

Upcoming cycles due 11-18 December 2020.

Stock Exchange forecast – medium term analysis   

stock market forecst today
dax monthly 11.26.20

In the medium term, the strong recovery from last April onwards is even better noted.

The returns were four times the value of the 1X1 angle.

In fact, it can be observed that the prices of candles are well above the 2X1 ascending angle with origin in the March low.

The angular supports originating from the period 2010-2012, radiated in this case of purple color, were broken downwards last March.

During the summer, these vectors are turned into resistance, we can see how the prices of the Dax Index are settling above these vectors in the recovery of November, testifying the recovery of the previous Bull-Campaign.

The temporal signals in expiration of the Dax Index were September and November 2020.

During the expiry of this last time cycle, the German market has indicated the new positive phase in the medium term.

First resistances 13,500; 13,800.

Only the return below 11,520 will indicate a reversal in the medium-term dynamics.

Stock Exchange forecasts 2020-21: medium term trend

dax forecast 2021
dax quarterly 11.26.20     

The long-term dynamics still remain negative.

The return above 13.510 will confirm the long-term bullish recovery.

Resistances in the area of ​​15,000 points.

Top Trader© software for forecasts and analysis using the Gann technique

In drawing up this brief analysis of the forecast in the dynamics of the Dax Index, the Top Trader© software new version 2.0 is used.

The program created to concretely apply the theory of W.D. Gann, is also designed to trade with Hedging strategies through Call and Put options.

In fact, within the software, simulations can be performed with options to identify the most suitable technique to protect the portfolio, reducing or increasing the volatility or the residual time.

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