Euro Dollar forecast today: exchange and trend at 30-10-20

forex euro dollar forecast

Euro Dollar forecasts today: monthly and weekly trend

Euro Dollar forecasts: medium and short term trend and analysis using the technique of the American economist W.D. Gann.

Euro Dollar weekly graph

eur usd forecast today
euro dollar weekly 10.23.20

Euro Dollar short term forecast

From the signal of March 2020, indicated in previous articles, the Euro Dollar market has changed the medium and long term dynamics.

Indeed, throughout 2019, we have observed a persistent lateral trend, with implied volatility on options, which hit record lows.

Following the weekly Sets Up on March 6-13, the European currency has made a big leap in its prices, reaching the descending angular resistance in the 1.15 area radiated by the Top Trader© Stock Exchange software in purple in the graph.

Once this level was reached, the single currency has started losing prices very quickly, reaching a new low of 1.0636 in the week of March 20, 2020.

The lateral trend developed has once again created the conditions for the development of a new Bull-campaign.

During the weekly Set Up scheduled for 29 May last, the Euro has in fact begun to generate increasingly marked positive returns.

Even with some difficulties, in the time cycle expiring on 10-17 July the Euro has managed to break the 1X4 angular resistance that it had put it in difficulty in the embryonic phase of mid-March.

This time the bullish acceleration has led the single currency to test area 1.20 in the first week of September.

The positive laterality of August has turned into a corrective laterality during the month of September and the prices has reached the new 1X1 ascending angle, radiated in red in the graph.

In the first weeks of October the trend of the Euro has continued with a dynamic in trading range, however last week there was a new change of gear.

The weekly highs of the single currency, relating to the signals of 9 and 16 October, were broken on the upside.

The new short-term trend is therefore bullish until the next time signal on November 6-11, when we can observe a further change in price-time.

Let’s see in the short video below the targets and the angular resistances of the Euro for next week.

Eur Usd forecasts and analysis: video 

This short video illustrates in detail the price-time objective of the Euro Dollar.


Eur Usd medium term temporal cycles analysis

euro dollar forecast 2020
euro dollar monthly 10.23.20

In the monthly time frame the 1X2 Zero angular support is clearly visible which, together with the monthly Set Up of March, has generated the reversal of the medium-term trend of the Euro.

The lows, both in March, April and May, have reached this ascending vector, which the Top Trader© software has radiated in yellow in the graph.

During the time signal of September, it can be clearly seen how the European currency has temporarily halted its positive advance.

The bearish out-side of September, together with the 1X8 vector descending from the top of February 2018, have arrested the driving force of the single currency, generated by the previous signal of July 2020.

However, the Permanent Square of 90 months expiring in October could generate a new vector force, able to negate the previous signal of September and generate a new bullish push.

The violation of 1.2045 would project the future quotations to the top of February 2018, more precisely at 1.2450.

In the video just above you can find more details.

Euro Dollar long term trend

eur usd forecast 2020
euro dollar quarterly 10.23.20

In the long term, the trend is positive.

The first major obstacles are at level 1.2145; 1.2460

Only the return below 1.1130 will determine a reversal of the trend in the medium and long term.

Top Trader© software for Stock Exchange trend analysis

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