Euro Dollar exchange forecast today: trend at 23-10-20

Eur usd forecast today

Euro Dollar exchange forecast short and medium term today

Euro Dollar exchange today weekly and monthly forecast through the stock market signals generated by the cycles and the technique of the US economist W.D. Gann.

Euro Dollar exchange forecast
euro dollar weekly 10.16.20

Euro Dollar exchange forecast weekly

During the signal of March 2020 and more precisely during the weekly Set Up of 6-13 March, the Euro Dollar market has changed its trend.

In fact, from a long negative lateral period, the dynamics of the Euro Dollar currency has reversed its trend in a new upward phase, which can be observed in all the time frames.

The evolution of the new Bull-campaign has undergone several evolutionary stages.

In the first embryonal period, the positive acceleration has been rejected by the 1X4 descending angular resistances with origin the maximum of February 2018, purple colored by Top Trader© software in the photo above.

After the sharp correction in the week of March 20, the single currency underwent a further phase of accumulation. This phase led to the emergence of a strong push, as predicted in previous reports, when the signal expired on 29 May.

In the week of June 12, in the 1.14 area, the Euro has again slowed the growth of weekly returns, as it passed the same 1X4 descending resistance that had reversed the trend in the week of March 13.

However, the embryonal phase of the trend was now over and in this new advanced stage of development in the dynamics the Euro managed to break it upwards after a few weeks.

The Set Up of 17 June has in fact indicated the continuation of the positive acceleration that has brought the prices of the single currency to the 1.20 area in ​​the week of 4 September last.

In the summer, it is noted that the weekly returns have attenuated due to the successive angular resistances both weekly and monthly.

The new stage of advancement of the first dynamic cycle is actually slowing down the propulsive force.

This figure can also be noted from the surge in volumes in August which, on the other hand, has seen a strong attenuation of the Open Interest.

The signal of 25 September has in fact decreed the reversal of the short-term trend in a negative direction.

The quotations from 1.1871 have reached the 1X1 ascending angular support, visible red colored in the photo, at 1.1611.

The following technical pull-back has brought the Euro Dollar to the positive closure in the following two weeks, at 1,1831.

In the previous report we have indicated the expiration of two signals in this month of October:

9 October 2020 dynamic Set Up and 13 October 2020 static Set Up.

Both signals have been negative.

Let’s see in the short video the potential reverse points of the trend and the price-time targets.

Euro Dollar today: video analysis of the short and medium term dynamics

This short video describes the dynamics of the Forex Euro Dollar trend through the technique of W.D. Gann.

euro dollar forecast 2020
euro dollar monthly 10.16.20

Euro Dollar medium term forecasts

The negative lateral dynamics of 2019 is more visible in the monthly time frame (on the slide just above).

The first important medium term signal of this year is expired on march.

The amplitude of the monthly candle and the formation of the bearish out-side is clearly visible on the graph.

On the slide it can also be seen how the price-time interception, in the Euro Dollar market, with the 1X2 Zero angles radiated in yellow, has supported the positive monthly returns.

In fact, from the three lows in March, April and May generated precisely on this ascending vector, the European currency has started a new long-term positive season.

The 1X8 descending vector with origin February 2018 has temporary blocked the positivity of the Euro.

In fact, the bearish out-side generated in September could create a retracement phase that will represent a further buying opportunity for new investors.

The minimum of September has been intercepted by its natural Drift and the quotations have closed above this value.

In October a new permanent temporal cycle expires.

In the video just above there are the subsequent supports and resistances.

Euro Dollar long term trend

eur usd forecast 2020
euro dollar quarterly 10.16.20

In the third quarterly of 2020, the Euro Dollar market has started a recovery phase, even if the descending resistances radiated in purple have temporary slowed the propulsive force of the recovery.

In this first phase of the fourth quarterly we can observe that the Euro Dollar market is on a level lightly superior to its natural Drift.

Even if the currency could undergone temporary negative retracement during the quarterly, the dynamics is clearly positive.

Only reaching the 1.1070 level could lead to a new negative lateral cycle.

Euro Dollar professional analysis software

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