Stock Exchange Dax Frankfurt forecast today using W.D. Gann’s cycles

dax forecast

Stock Exchange Dax Index forecast: short and medium term

Stock Exchange future Dax forecast through the temporal cycles of the American economist W.D. Gann.

Stock Exchange forecast
Dax Index weekly 09.29.20

Short term Dax Index analysis

Since the week of 27 March 2020, the Dax index market has progressively recovered positivity in the short and medium term, with weekly returns that have touched the natural trend of the stock four times.

As is clearly shown in the graph just above, up to the week of May 1st, the prices of the German market are grown with a trend equal to the vector radiated with the purple color with origin the minimum of March.

After two weeks of laterality, the Dax has resumed its upward run, but this time the returns are eased.

This phenomenon is confirmed by the performance of the stock which has approached the levels of the 2X1 ascending vector radiated with yellow color in the slide.

Although the descending resistance has hindered the recovery phase several times, as in the period of 12 June last, the future Dax market managed to regain the all-time highs of this year with the top on 4 September at 13,460.

The last short-term signal is expired in the week of 18 September.

In that period the price dynamics of the Dax has stopped on the 1X8 descending resistance radiated in blue, concluding the prices inside the candle of 4 September.

The downward break that took place last week has weakened the short-term technical frame: the prices has reached 12,340, but the 1X4 dynamic support with origin on February 12, 2016, radiated in purple by the software, has partially rejected this first downward movement.

The next weekly Set Up will expire the week of October 9-16, 2020. On that occasion we will see how the future Dax will react.

The negative continuation below last week’s lows will confirm the start of a corrective phase, with the first dynamic supports in the 11,600-11,700 area.

For the levels above 13,370, on the other hand, the price trend will re-establish positively: first resistances at 13,220.

Medium term Stock Exchange Dax Index analysis

Future Dax forecast
Dax Index monthly 09.29.20

In the monthly time frame, the recovery in the second quarter of 2020 was very clear and fast.

The angle of growth of the prices corresponds to four times the natural trend of the past years.

The March minimum was perfectly intercepted by the yellow 1X2 Zero angle.

The 1X2 angle, which has formed the basis of the upward corridor in the last ten years, has simultaneously hindered the continuation of the upward recovery in the summer months, from July to September.

In fact, in this quarter, the price dynamics is lateral.

Next cycle in expiration: September 2020.

In October we will see how the German market react. Any negative infringement of the September minimum will bring the Dax Index back to testing area 11,500 and the subsequent area 10,500.

The long term trend is positive. The long term upward corridor is visible in the graph.

The trend of the Dax market has been analyzed through the Top Trader© software.

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