Forex today Euro Dollar trend forecast and trading signals 2022

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Forex today Eur Usd forecast and analysis

Forex today trend forecast in the short and long term using the technique of the American statesman William Gann.

Historical chart and technical framework Euro Dollar

Forex today euro dollar
Eur/Usd weekly

Forex today Eur Usd exchange rate forecast in the short term

Since the expiration of the weekly Maximum Square on 25 February, the Euro/Dollar market has reset a new corrective dynamics in the short term.

The last 1X16 angular supports and the static octaves, visible in blue and red in the slide just above, generated a technical rebound in the period of March 2022 that brought the European currency back from 1.0880 to 1.1184.

However, the new temporal cycles expiring in the week of April 15 indicated the failure of the pull-back, so that the single currency has again accelerated the corrective phase reaching the price/time target of 1.0760.

The last temporal signals expired in the weeks of April 29 and May 06.

Although in this last week of May we are witnessing a new rebound of the Euro, only the return above 1.0870 will indicate a new positive lateral phase.

The current negative dynamics will have 1.0870 and 1.0920 area as the next resistances; while the supports are in the 1.05 area.

Euro Dollar trend in May and June 2022

Euro Dollar trend 2022
Eur/Usd monthly

The medium term trend is corrective since the last monthly Set Up of June 2021.

With the negative infringement of the 1X2 Zero angle, originating in the low of October 2008, which had formed the basis for a new upward corridor in the 2020 bullish phase, the Euro market generated a strong corrective push.

The strength of this downward push is highlighted not only by the negative reaction to the various Set Up that followed one another between 2021 and 2022, but also by the infringements of the subsequent Zero angles that are indicated in the photos by yellow ascending vectors.

The last two Forex signals expired in March and April 2022 and in both cases the bearish break of the previous low has further indicated the weakness of the single currency in the medium term.

Upcoming supports 1.0280.

Only the return above 1.1110 will be a first indication of a structural return to positivity: resistance at 1.0960.

Euro Dollar technical analysis in the long term

Euro Dollar forecast long term
Euro Dollar quarterly

The quarterly signals for the first and second quarters of 2022 are both negative.

The start of a negative lateral phase had already manifested itself in the third quarter of 2021, however the various angular supports suggested the evolution of the trend in a lateral rather than markedly corrective dynamic.

However, during the last quarterly Set Up, negative returns have been more robust, with the reaching of price/time targets at 1.0790 in this second quarter.

Further supports 1.0280; 0.92.

Only the return above 1.1550 will indicate a long term trend change.

Trading signals using Gann’s technique

The linear geometric mathematical model of the economist W.D. Gann predicts the correlation of three dimensions of the market: price, time and volumes.

By identifying the Drift and the Variance Rate it is possible to generate a technical framework of the stock under examination, in which the correlated price/time ratio constitutes the real level of support and dynamic resistance in which prices react.

One of Gann’s greatest discoveries were the static and dynamic temporal cycles in which we can identify the major price/time crossings that determine the Set Up or the entry or exit signal from the market.

The Top Trader© Stock Exchange software was created to apply Gann’s theory to all listed markets and is available through this blog.

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