German Stock Exchange forecasts today Dax Index technical analysis

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German Stock Exchange forecasts today Dax Index technical analysis

German Stock Exchange forecasts today have been developed through the technique and the temporal cycles of the economist W.D. Gann.

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Dax Index weekly 02.28.2020

Stock Exchange forecasts today Dax Index: short term

Since the week of 28th December 2018, the German market has started an important bullish pull-back.

The period between May and October 2019 has been very interesting for Dax Index dynamics: a wide lateral zone came out, with a first maximum in the week of 3rd May, a following top in the week of 5th July and a lower minimum in the week of 16th August.

The following recovery in the week of 18th October has brought Dax Index to break the double top level for accelerating the upward dynamics and bringing quotations towards the tops of January 2018.

The period between January and February 2020 is coincided with important medium term signals, meanwhile the only weekly Set Up expired is that of 21st February 2020.

In that period prices are remained inside, but the bearish infraction of the minimum of the week of 14th February at level 13.140 has indicated the birth of a short term weakness. This fact was confirmed by the negative break of the triple minimum in area 12.940.

The convergence of medium term and short term corrective signals has created a new descending phase. This phase has found a first obstacle on the 1X4 angular supports with origin on 28th December 2018 and 12th February 2016 in area 12.000-12.100, and following obstacles at 11.360.

German market forecasts medium term

dax index forecast
Dax Index 02.28.2020

As it’s clearly visible in the slide, between January 2018 and January 2019 an important resistance zone came out. This resistance is underlined by the static octave colored of azure.

The monthly Sets Up of January  and February 2020 have expressed inverse vectorial directions.

In January, even if in a contrasted way, Dax Index has signed a new absolute maximum at level 13.640, meanwhile a downward out-side occurred in the double signal localized in scale 3.

Quotations started from a top at level 13.795 but have quickly reversed their course, coming back on the basis of the ascending corridor at the end of the month. That one has slowed down the corrective action already on December 2018 and August 2019.

In chronological order since March 2009, prices are on the lower vector of the corridor for the fourth time: if this one will be break downward, then the quotations will come back to the level of the first of 2016.

The medium term signal is negative but those of long term is still positive.

In the first day of March we have seen a negative infraction of February 2020, this fact confirms the medium term negativity even if the ascending corridor is producing a new bounce of prices.

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