Nasdaq medium long term technical analysis forecasts

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Nasdaq medium long term technical analysis forecasts

Nasdaq medium long term technical analysis through economic time cycles of W.D. Gann

Nasdaq Index today
Nasdaq monthly 2019 february

Nasdaq monthly technical analysis forecasts

The upward trend of the Nasdaq Index is well defined by the ascending corridor consisting of the 1 X 1 corners of the March 2009 minimum and the 1 X 1 Zero corner of March 2009 and the July 2010 minimum.

Since February 2016, the American index has furtherly accelerated the driving force by following average drift equal to the 2 X 1 corner.

After a first over balance between February and April 2018, the Nasdaq Index resumed the upward run until the expiry of the Minimum Square in September 2018. On that occasion the market slowed down dramatically, ending the dynamics in inside at the August 2018 candle.

In October we witness the first significant correction that changed the trend of the American market.

The market ends the month on the 1 X 1 Zero corner in the 7.305 area. ​​

The Minimum Square of February 2016 (in expiration at November 2018 ) has strengthened the downward force, pushing prices in December on the basis of the upward corridor in 7,873 area.

The ascending pull-back of the Nasdaq Index is resuming from this important angular support.

Next Time Set Up is expiring in April 2019.

Dynamic resistances at 7,428; 7,650. Supports at 6.670.

Nasdaq quarterly technical analysis forecasts

Nasdaq technical analysis forecasts
Nasdaq Index quarterly 2019 february

In the quarterly time frame, the first Over-Balance was recorded in the last quarter of 2018. The market minimum (as you can see on the slide) reached the 1 X 1 angular support relative to the September-December 2008 minimum at 6.190 points.

The first quarter of 2019 coincides with the expiry of an important Set Up. The achievement of the quotations below 6.140 will confirm the corrective activity: next supports in 6.180 area; 5,700.

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