Stock Market Forecast 2021 Frankfurt Index technical analysis

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Stock Market Forecast 2021 Frankfurt Index technical analysis

Stock Market forecast 2021 Technical analysis of the German market in the short and medium term through William Gann’s economic cycles.

Dax Index Stock Market Charts: Weekly

stock market forecast today
Dax Index weekly 05.11.2021

Stock Market forecast today: short term

From the expiry of the temporal cycle of 06 November 2021, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange resumed its upward trend, recording strong positive returns in an initial phase.

However, during the weekly Set Up expiry of January 08 of this year, the price dynamics interrupted the uptrend to fluctuate in a trading range between the 14.100-13.400 area.

The recent expiry of the weekly Stock Exchange cycle of March 5, 2021 has again re-established a new positivity by bringing out the exchange of the Index quotations from the upper lateral band of 14,100 points.

The short-term returns began to autocorrelate positively enough to keep the weekly swing chart up for good 7 weeks, until April 16, 2021.

The two Minimum Squares that alternated in the weeks of April 23-30 generated a corrective movement, which was held back last week by the 1X1 ascending angle, radiated in red by the Top Trader© software.

The week of May 14, 2021 coincides with a partial maturity of a Natural Square.

The bullish break of the previous weekly top on Monday 10 May indicated that the trend of the German market will continue the positive phase.

However, it must be taken into account that the temporal signal is still ongoing this week until the close of May 14th.

So if a bearish out-side takes form, the Frankfurt Index will accelerate towards a new corrective trend.

First resistances are in area 15,500; 15,700. Additional area 16,000 points.

Angular supports 15.040, 14.460.

Medium-term German Stock Market trend

frankfurt stock market forecast
Dax Index monthly 05.14.2021

In the medium term, the positive correlation of returns began last November and ended in May 2021.

The growth in returns was double compared to previous years, and the swing chart since last November has reversed only in this month, close to Zero angular resistance.

In fact, we can see how these red-irradiated vectors in the photo just above have already provided strong obstacles to growth in the past, particularly from early 2019 to early 2020.

The return above 15,530 will restore medium-term positivity.

Resistances at 16,100.

Frankfurt Stock Exchange Index quarterly trend

german stock market forecast 2021
Dax Index quarterly 05.15.21

The long-term dynamic is bullish, although in these days the trend of the German market is undergoing a slowdown due to having reached the angular resistance that constitutes the median level of the ascending corridor.

This median level had hindered the recovery of the trend in the second quarter of 2015 and in the second quarter of 2018.

The next resistances of this quarter June 2021 are at 15,150; 16,050

Stock Market Analysis by Top Trader© Software

The investor needs a highly professional Stock Market software to identify the short, medium and long term trend.

The Top Trader© software available in this blog has been created to apply Gann’s theory and hedging strategies with Call and Put Options.

The software allows you to obtain a whole series of utilities to facilitate positioning on any listed market:

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