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Stock Exchange forecast today Dax 30 Index cyclical analysis

Stock Exchange forecast today Dax Index through the technique and cycles of the American economist W.D. Gann.

stock market forecast today

Dax Index weekly 06.29.20

Stock Exchange forecast today Dax Index in the short term

In December 2019 Dax Index market has begun to show signs of fatigue in the up trend phase triggered since January 2019.

In fact, we can observe how the German market dynamics from the week of November 15th until the one of January 31st has been lateral, completely devoid of the marked directional phases that had characterized the trend of trade in the previous period.

A Bull Trap followed this distribution phase.

In the first two weeks of last February the market has marked a new absolute maximum, breaking the top of January 2018 and reaching share 13.795.

Subsequently, an “Over-Balance” has taken place and we have observed one of the most violent corrections in history.

In just four weeks, more precisely from the week of February 28th to that of March 20th, Dax Index has brought prices back to a minimum of 8.255, that is at levels recorded in February 2016.

If we look at the chart just above, we can see that the Stock Market yields have followed an 8X1angle, that is eight times their natural drift!

The minimum of the correction, reached in the week of March 2020, has been intercepted on the weekly time frame by 1X8 ascending vectors with origin the weekly minimums of 13 March 2009 and 23 September 2011, which are represented in the graph by the blue colored vectors.

At the end of the “First Sharp Decline”, the German market has triggered a rapid positive pull-back, this time with a lower acceleration angle: in the photo just above you can see how the market trend has performed a 2X1 yellow angle.

The prices have arrived in the first weeks of June on the 1X2 descending resistance illustrated by the software always in yellow, in 12,860 area.

From that level, the trend has begun to face greater difficulties in pursuing further progressive advancement.

Next time signals will expire in the weeks of 3rd and 10th July.

If prices have begun to break the previous lows downwards in this period, the start of a new short-term corrective phase will trigger .

First angular supports at 11.100; 10.260. Resistances at 12.500.

Dax Frankfurt medium term forecasts

Dax index technical analysis
Dax Index monthly june 2020

In the monthly time frame you can see as in March of last year the exchanges in the German market has come out negatively from the ascending hallway that lasted for a decade.

The Zero angle visible by the ascending yellow vector has “blocked” the correction of Dax in the month of March, rejecting the negative phase and triggering a strong positive rally.

The top of June has reached the 1X1 descending angle (red vector) and the support that formed the base of the ascending corridor now acts as a dynamic resistance, preventing further recovery of Dax Index.

Resistances at 12.160; 12.730.

The article is realized using Top Trader © graphic software, specialized in the functionality of the technical study of the American analyst W.D. Gann.


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