Eur Usd Forex Strategy forecasts signals by Gann’s cycles

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Eur Usd Forex Strategy forecasts signals

Eur Usd Forex strategy forecasts through time signals identified by the American economist W.D. Gann.

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Euro dollar weekly 07.03.20

Eur Usd short term forecast

The weekly time signals of 06-13 March last have identified an important turning point in the short and medium term dynamics of Euro Dollar.

In the previous period, highs and lows have alternated in a negative lateral band, but after weekly Set Up in March we have observed a surge in implied volatility and a sudden increase in daily returns.

The 1X4 descending resistance with origin on the maximum of 28th September 2018, visible in the photo with the purple vector below, has kept the European currency in the trading range for a long time.

Upon the single currency has reached the top at 1.1492, the passage point of the next 1X4 descending angular vector, the quotations have begun to trigger a rapid negative retracement, returning to the dynamic supports in 1.0636 area, passage of the 1X16 angular support, visible in blue color on the slide.

From early March to the week of 22th May the highs and lows were compressed by the descending angular resistance and the 1X2 dynamic support illustrated by the software in yellow.

The weekly Set Up of May 29th and the following ones of June have finally indicated the definitive bullish break of this angular resistance to move to the next resistance in area 1.14 in the second half of June.

During the last expired signals, the dynamics of Euro Dollar was ended inside, testifying the further area of price compression and the next directional phase in the second week of July.

Let’s watch in this video the next price-time targets and supports and dynamic resistances.

Euro Dollar medium term trend 

forex forecast euro dollar
Euro dollar monthly july 20

In the medium term it can be observed that the 1X1 Zero angle, visible in the photo with the red vector, and the 1X2 Zero angle, visible with the yellow vector, have reabsorbed the negativity of the Euro.

The important Set Up of March has generated an important turning point in the single currency, bringing together the trend and the Zero angles in a positive sense.

Next time signal expires in July 2020.

The violation of the top of June will confirm a more structural and medium-term positive trend.

While the negative infraction of 1.1060 level will restore a negative sideways trend. Supports 1.0940.

The Top Trader © software was used to carry out the Euro Dollar market analysis using the Gann’s technique.


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