Euro Dollar exchange forecast technical analysis with W.D. Gann’s chart

usd eur forecast today

Euro Dollar exchange forecast cyclical analysis today

Euro Dollar exchange forecast today through the time cycles of the American economist W.D. Gann

euro dollar exchange forecast today
euro dollar weekly 06.26.20

Euro Dollar forecast today: short term

We have repeatedly highlighted in previous articles how the weekly time signals of 06-13 March have indicated an important trend change in Euro Dollar cross.

In that period, the market came out of a long negative lateral phase and then accelerated the positive trend: prices from the 1.10 area arrived in the 1.15 area in a few days.

1X4 angular resistances descending with origin the 2018 maximums visible by purple vectors on the photo, have prevented a further ascending development, determining the conditions for a sudden folding.

A few days after the exchanges, returning below the minimum of 1.0755, have resumed a lateral phase whose maximum and minimum prices has alternated between the 1X2 ascending dynamic support with origin the weekly minimum of March 20th (yellow vector) and the previous resistances that had kept the Euro negative in October 2019 (lower purple carriers).

During the weekly Set Up of 21-29 May, the single currency has indicated the recovery with the birth of a new propulsive trend: in fact, the prices gradually arrived again on the downward angular resistance that had generated the collapse of the quotations in the week of 20 March.

However this time the arrival on such angular resistances has not been sudden but gradual yields and then with a more robust trend of the previous one.

Although we have witnessed a new negative retracement in the week of 12-16 June, the 1X1 dynamic supports, visible in red on the photo, prevent sudden price collapses.

Last week has coincided with a very important deadline and the market ended the dynamic inside the previous candle, creating the conditions for a strong directional exit.

We observe in the video next price-time targets, supports and dynamic resistances.

Eur Usd medium term forecast    

forex eur usd forecast
euro dollar monthly june 2020

The last monthly Set Up expired was in March 2020.

In fact, at that time we have witnessed the formation of a bearish out-side coinciding with a 1X2 Zero angle.

The angular supports with origin January 2017 and the further 1X1 Zero angle have reabsorbed the negative trend of the single currency and have created all the conditions for the birth of a new positive season of Euro.

The subsequent candles of April, May and the one now in conclusion of June have ended in the area of these dynamic supports, indicating with the inversion of the swing chart the birth of the positivity of the European currency.

The next Set Up expiring coincides with the month of July and will be just this month having to confirm whether or not the rising trend.

The Euro Dollar technical picture using the Gann’s theory was offer to thanks to the unique capabilities of the Top Trader © software.

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