Trading signals and October 2022 Nasdaq Index trend forecast

Nasdaq Index forecast

Trading signals and Nasdaq Index Stock Market forecast

Trading signals trend and American Stock Market Nasdaq Index forecast through the geometric mathematical model of the economist W.D. Gann.

Nasdaq Index technical chart

Nasdaq Index today
Nasdaq Index weekly

Nasdaq Stock Exchange weekly trading signals

In the week of June 21, 2022, the American market of the Nasdaq Index broke downward the lower level of the lateral band that had been created from the period of late November 2021 to the end of last January.

This negative infringement indicated the end of the upward trend that had characterized the dynamics and prices for the entire year of 2021.

The downward movement of the prices was very directional, with a negative acceleration twice the Natural Drift, as indicated by the 2×1 yellow vector.

With the further negative price infringement in the Set Up week of 08 April 2022, the Nasdaq Index had a corrective acceleration of 4 times compared to the Natural Drift;

from an altitude of 15,161 the American market reached 11,169 in the week of May 20 in the support area generated by the 1×4 ascending angles in purple visible in the photo just above.

It is precisely from that area that we witnessed the bullish pull-back that pushed prices to reach 13,700 area in mid-August, on the static octave.

On the expiry of the weekly Set Up on August 26, the Nasdaq resumed the downward run, returning to the minimum values ​​of June 17 in the 11,000 points area.

The next temporal signals will expire in the week of September 30 and the week of October 07, 2022.

The negative violation of the minimum that will form during the week of 07 October will be the signal for the continuation of the correction, which will have as further supports the area of ​​11,000; 10.150-9.770.

While the return above the top relative to the week of 07 October will determine a positive lateral trend with first resistances in the 12.460 area.

Nasdaq Stock Exchange forecast for the medium term

In November 2021 the Nasdaq Index market reached both the upper band of the bullish corridor and the resistance of the static octave, visible from the purple vector and the yellow horizontal line in the photo above.

The corrective trend generated continued until last June, reaching a minimum of 11.037, on the 1×2 ascending angular support visible as a yellow vector in the photo above.

From this support, the tech market performed a double swing with a conspicuous pull-back:

at first, the prices reached a top at 12,572.

While later, with the expiration of the September signal, the market broke downward the low of August, restoring the corrective trend of the medium.

The last expiring signal coincides with the Minimum Square in October 2022.

The negative infringement of the September minimum will indicate the further weakness of the American index which will have as further supports the area of ​​10,770; 10,445.

Only the return above 12,780 points will re-establish a new upward phase, which will have as resistances 12,570; 13,936.

Long term Nasdaq Index trend

The long-term trend is negative and the next supports that the American market will test are in the 10.903 area.

This level coincides on the median corner of the ascending corridor.

Further level is found at 10,480 points on the octave static support and at 9,725 on the underside of the long-term bullish corridor.

Forex trading and signals with Gann’s technique

The signals and the technical framework of the Stock Market illustrated in the report were derived from the theory of economist William Gann.

The statesman was one of the first researchers to understand how the dynamics of financial trends can be represented by three dimensions – price, time and trading volumes.

Using a linear geometric mathematical model he succeeded, by correlating two of the three dimensions, to identify the Drift and the Variance Rate of listed stock.

In particular, he focused on the study of the time dimension, managing to identify the Natural and Dynamic temporal cycles of the financial markets from which the Stock Market signals can be obtained.

Thanks to Top Trader© software, the Gann theory can be applied in a simple and practical way on any market and it is also possible to use the Plain Vanilla Call and Put Options through the use of the Greek and graphic payoffs.

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