Usd Jpy technical analysis forecasts using Gann’s cycles may 2019

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Usd Upy technical analysis forecast

Usd Jpy technical analysis forecasts using the W.D. Gann time cycles.

Usd Jpy Yen technical analysis
Dollaro Yen monthly 2019 february

Usd Jpy technical analysis medium period forecasts

The Dollar Yen dynamics have continued sideways for over a year and a half, alternating on price levels from an area higher than 114.70 to a lower level of 104.50.

In December 2018, the Yen Dollar reached 114.50 for the third time but failed to break this level upwards.

The upward dynamic resistances (yellow colored on the slide) slowed down the propulsive activity of the Dollar which, in concomitance with the expiry of an Maximum Square important time cycle, reversed the directional dynamic.

In December 2018 and in January 2019 the American currency reached the lows of March 2018. The 1 X 4 ascending support corner in purple and descending in yellow as shown in the picture above have temporarily rejected the corrective force of the Dollar.

February and March 2019 are important months of monthly Set Up. Although in February the US currency broke up the top of January, the key month for a real recovery remains in March 2019.

If during this period the Dollar market will not succeed in making new highs, but will break the February bottom of this year, then the market will resume the corrective action. We look more closely at the quarterly picture.

Usd Jpy Forecast Quarterly

Dollaro Yen forecast
Dollar Yen quarterly february 2019

As it is evident in the slide, the 1 X 2 yellow descending angular resistance has rejected for the third time the attempt to recover the dollar. In the first quarter of 2019, the US currency adversely affected the 1 X 1 Zero ascending corner that rejected the decline in the first quarter of 2018.

The descent of the first quarter was temporarily held back by the 1 X 2 ascending dynamic support.

The average trend is still corrective. Only the achievement of quota 115 will re-establish a new upward trend.

The Dollar Yen report was created thanks to the Top Trader Stock Exchange free software.

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