Dax future Stock Market forecast German Index trend October 2020

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Dax future Stock Exchange forecast German market trend

Dax future Stock Exchange forecasts through the temporal cyclical analysis of the American trader William Delbert Gann.

Dax future Stock market
Dax Index weekly 09.03.20

Dax Index Stock Exchange short term forecast

Since the end of the last March, Dax Index, once reached the dynamic supports at 8.480 level, has started a strong propulsive phase. In the last days of August and the first of September, it has brought back quotations on the maximums of the end of last February.

As we can observe in the graph just above, the correction of Dax Index in February-March has been eight times its natural Drift.

While in the recovery phase, from March onwards, weekly returns have performed the 2X1 angle, that is they have been an acceleration two times their normal growing rhythm, as highlighted by the yellow vector.

The blue vectors in the lower part of the graph are the 1X8 angular supports with origin from the weekly minimum of 13th March 2009 and 16th September 2011.

While the purple angle in the upper part of the graph is the 1X4 angle with origin the minimum of 13th March 2009.

During the last Bull-Campaign, this vector has given an optimum dynamic level of support while at this juncture it is showing itself as an angular resistance not easy to break.

In effects, during the weekly signal of the 24th of July and more specifically a Natural Square of 52 and 72 weeks, German Stock Exchange has broken downwards the previous minimum, but in fact it has produced a negative laterality.

For all August, the market has tried to reabsorb this negativity, at the point to reach the dynamic resistance described at 13.221 points in the week of August 28th.

The temporal signal in expiration the week of September 4th has created in fact a new negative phase of short term.

In this first days of September, the market of Dax Index has broken upwards the top of the 28th of August, reaching a maximum level of 13.461 points on 3rd September and then a minimum level of 12.746 points the very next day, on 4th September, generating in fact a bearish out-side.

It have to wait until the next week, that of 11th September, to confirm the short term negativity of Dax future. Otherwise if the Index reaches 13.490 points, a new ascending phase will be restored in the short term.

dax future
dax Index monthly september 2020

Dax Index medium term technical analysis

As highlighted by the upper yellow vectors, last February the market of Dax Index has broken downwards the ascending corridor who lasted since about ten years.

The negative retracement of last March has been intercepted by the 1X2 Zero ascending angles that have started an important recovery of the quotations together with the temporal cyclical expirations.

The temporal signal expired the last June has allowed to find out a trend in positive expansion, who is arrived until August to a maximum level of 13.221 points.

The temporal signal in expiration this month will allow us to understand the course of the trend until the end of the year.

Nowadays the market is positive in the medium term: resistances in area 13.800; 15.600.

But the negative infraction of 12.060 level will indicate the negative reversal of the dynamics and the potential return in area 9.000 points.

This article about trend analysis of the German Stock Exchange has been realized thanks to Top Trader© Stock Exchange software.

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