Euro Dollar forecast today analysis through the cycles of WD Gann 09/20


Euro Dollar forecast today expectations and quotations

Euro Dollar forecast today Eur Usd analysis of cross through the cycles of the American economist W.D. Gann.

eur usd forecast today
Euro dollar weekly 09.04.2020

Eur Usd short term forecast

From the temporal signal widely expected in the previous articles, Euro Dollar is gone out of the lateral phase lasted around two months, from the end of March to the end of May, to begin a new season of hikes.

The dynamic resistance with origin the weekly top of 28 September 2018, whose in the graph just above is radiated in purple, has been finally broken upwards allowing to Euro currency to accelerate the positive phase.

The further 1X4 descending dynamic obstacle with origin on February 16, 2018 has rejected again the ascending force in area 1,14.

As it can be noted in the photo just above, this vector had rejected the previous attempt of the European currency in the week of the 20th of March.

Also in this case, the weekly Set Up, described in the previous reports and more specifically in that of 10-17 July, has allowed the European currency to continue the bullish advance until reaching at the further 1X8 descending resistance radiated in blue by the software.

Also in this case, the dynamic force of Euro is struggling in breaking upwards this obstacle.

The short term signal in expiration coincides with the week of September 11th.

The trend is still lateral positive, but we can observe in this short video the price-time targets with the next supports-resistances and the levels of reversal of dynamics.

Euro Dollar medium term trend   

eur usd forecast
Eur Usd weekly 09.04.20

Also in the medium term time frame is clearly visible as the monthly Set Up of last March has been a very specific signal to find out the reverse point of Euro Dollar trend.

Together with the Zero angular supports described in the previous articles, Euro market has started a new Bull-Campaign since last March.

The following signal indicated has been July 2020.

In that month the European currency has accelerated the recovery phase to reach positively to the following signal of September.

As it is clearly visible on the slide just above, further 1X8 descending resistances and 1X4 ascending resistances are present in the area 1,19-1,20. These resistances (respectively radiated in blue and purple) are creating a dynamic obstacle to the positivity of Euro.

In this month the European currency will indicate if the recovery will last until the end of this year, in that period will expire the next monthly Set Up.

This analysis report through the cycles of Gann has been realized using the Top Trader© Stock Exchange software.

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