Euro Dollar exchange forecast through the Gann’s cycles until 18-09-20

Euro Dollar exchange forecast through the Gann’s cycles

Euro Dollar exchange forecast today short and medium term trend dynamics

Euro Dollar exchange forecast today using the technique of the American trader and economist William D. Gann.

Eur Usd forecast today
Euro Dollar 12 September 2020

Short term Euro Dollar exchange forecasts today

After a long negative lateral phase started at the end of 2018 and lasted all the 2019, Euro market has started the birth of a Bull-Campaign since the first quarterly of 2020.

We have forecast in the previous reports the origin of a new propulsive force in European currency at the expiration of the temporal cycle of last March.

Inside this medium term cycle, we had indicated the weekly Sets Up of 06-13 March as the beginning of a new upwards season for the single currency.

The 1X4 angular resistance descending from the top of February 2018, radiated in purple by the software, has temporary blocked the propulsive force of last March, rejecting the first positive attack of Euro.

The lower angular resistance with origin on 28th September 2018 has generated in fact a new accumulative phase which ended during the weekly Set Up of 29th May 2020.

As we can observe on the slide just above, the descending dynamic obstacle, which had blocked the up trend in the week of last 20th March, has rejected again the ascending dynamics for all June and early July 2020.

Only at half July, this resistance has been broken upwards: in particular during the Minimum Square of July, 17th the Euro Dollar cross has recorded a strong positive acceleration, so that it reaches exchanges in area 1,19 starting from area 1,13.

Also in this case we can observe that the 1X8 descending vector, radiated in blue, is an obstacle to the short term positivity, since the first days of August.

For good six weeks the quotations have broken upwards and made some important retracements. However we strongly doubt that this could be a significant distributive area.

The Set Up of September, 18th will indicate us the trend directionality for the following weeks.

We can observe in this short video next price-time targets with relative supports and resistances.

Medium term Euro Dollar trend

Euro Dollar forecast
Euro Dollar monthly september 2020

The dynamic obstacle seen in the weekly Set Up in area 1,19 is overlapped in the monthly one.

In effects, in this area there is also the 1X8 descending angular vector colored in blue which has temporary slowed the propulsive force of Euro.

Next temporal signal in expiration is September 2020.

In the video just above there are all the details about medium term dynamics.

Top Trader© Stock Exchange software  has been used for this trend forecast analysis which allows us to correctly apply the Gann’s theory.

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